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3 stealth ways to search the Web

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Kim Komando has tips on searching the Web without tracking. Google has become synonymous with "finding information." But even the mighty Google has its drawbacks, especially if you value your privacy. The world's most famous search site is also known for saving your search history, scanning your email in Gmail, and tracking what you click online. Tip in a Tip: Did you know that Google also tracks your physical location and dates you were there?

3 ways to clean up your online history on Facebook, Google and Apple's Safari

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Columnist Kim Komando tells you how to clean up your digital tracks on Facebook, Google and elsewhere on the Internet. Your computer stores a huge amount of browsing data, and in places you might never think to look. This meticulous chronology makes you vulnerable to snoops and advertising trackers. Here are three ways to cover your tracks, using two of the biggest services on the Internet. You may be surprised how closely these companies follow you, but you may be even more surprised how much control you have over it.

15 amazing Google tricks you never knew before now

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Google's logo is seen on a building in Irvine, California. We use this phrase every day. Once upon a time, the word "Google" just indicated a very long number. That extends to physical products as well, like these 20 incredibly useful Google products and services you probably didn't know about until now. But the world's most powerful search engine can do more than find things.

3 ways to start your year with a digital clean slate

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File photo: In this photo illustration, a Facebook logo on a computer screen is seen through a magnifying glass held by a woman in Bern May 19, 2012.