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Why You Should Be Prepared For Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies To Go Mainstream

International Business Times

Most people seldom stop to examine the speed of technological change and how it's transforming how we do business. But as we prepare for the so-called blockchain revolution, for which crypto is the new currency, many are refusing to accept the inevitable regarding how it will transform the global community and business.

Pornhub now allows payments from one specific cryptocurrency


Finally, PornHub has jumped into cryptocurrency craze just as the ancient prophecies foretold. The widely-visited porn site is pairing up with cryptocurrency company Verge to offer customers an easier way to pay for Pornhub products, including for the site's Premium HD-quality, ad-free subscription service, that's both secure and offers anonymity which is nice because you're probably tired of hiding the credit card bill from your spouse. Verge cryptocurrency also offers an extra level of anonymity and security by using anonymous networks like Tor and I2P; it's also an open-source project as opposed to a privately-owned company. Pornhub dropped a safe-for-work (if slyly adult-titled) ad, "The Future Has Cum," that not only explains the partnership but makes a bold claim that, as with previous technology advancements, porn could be the tipping point for more widespread cryptocurrency acceptance. It also has a soundtrack that sounds suspiciously like Stranger Things.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain trends to expect in 2018. - cryptona


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are innovative technological advancements with the power to advance everyday life. Yet, many still compare the digital asset industry to the great tech bubble, or Y2K if you may.

Three Ways Blockchain Will Disrupt Traditional Business And Impact Marketing In 2018


Recently, cryptocurrencies have dominated the news with Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins generating mainstream buzz. Companies are utilizing a myriad of marketing efforts, particularly social media, to drive interest within the sector.

Brooklyn Tech Week - BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO SUMMIT 2020


All roads lead to Brooklyn Tech Week NY, USA. On November 7th join us for the BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO SUMMIT 2020. Leaders, developers, and enthusiast will converge to ensure a clear path to accessibility, expansion and mass adoption.