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Why Big Data is a bigger deal than venture capital in the artificial intelligence game


"Data is the new oil" may be a classic cliche characterizing how important raw numbers are for the computer industry, but when it comes to artificial intelligence ventures, the cliche may not go far enough. "One of the big blocks for AI is data," Ben Wilson, director of the Center for Intelligent Devices at Bellevue, Wash.-based Intellectual Ventures, said today at a forum about AI presented as part of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce's Executive Speaker Series. "Traditionally, startup companies need capital. Now, if you're doing AI, you need capital and you also need data. And you're going to burn through your data before you burn through your capital."

First Data Science Research Center Created in Seattle


Data Science Central, LLC, creates the first research lab entirely focused on modern data science, big data and business analytics. Issaquah, Washington (PRWEB) June 13, 2014 - Data Science Central has created the first research lab focused entirely on modern data science, big data and business analytics. The research is developed by co-founder Dr. Vincent Granville, a former post-graduate from Cambridge University with more than 20 years of cross-industry experience in large and small companies including eBay, Wells Fargo, Visa, and Microsoft, and a long list of publications and start-ups. The research center, also called data science research lab and abbreviated as DSRC produces intellectual property (open patents that anyone can use), designs API's, machine learning algorithms prototyped on real data, and publishes articles related to Map-Reduce, robust scoring techniques for big data, clustering and creation of large taxonomies with natural language processing, detection of spurious correlations, new types of noise-resistant regression, new synthetic metrics to re-define correlations, variance and other statistical indicators in a way that is more robust, especially in the context of big data. The DSRC's mission is also to automate data science and statistical analyses, by producing efficient, scalable techniques that can be used as black boxes, in batch mode, by non-experts, or integrated to existing platforms.

New TDWI Research Report Explores How Organizations are Using AI and Machine Learning


Report explores how organizations using AI are making it work, what technologies they're using, and what best practices can maximize an organization's success with AI and machine learning Seattle, WA, Oct. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TDWI Research has released its newest Best Practices Report, Driving Digital Transformation using AI and Machine Learning. This original, survey-based report looks at the many dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) so data professionals and their business counterparts can understand the benefits of the technology, how it's used (and by whom), and how enterprises are achieving success with it. The author of the report, Fern Halper, is vice president and senior director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics. She explains that organizations are embracing AI and ML to gain better insights, make better decisions, and improve competitive advantage. "In fact," she writes, "AI is at the heart of the digital revolution around analytics occurring today. AI promises to help organizations improve their operations and processes and to drive new revenue opportunities."

Drones Pose A Unique Big Data Challenge For Business Users


A SZ DJI Technology Co. drone is displayed during keynote presentations on artificial intelligence at the Microsoft Developers Build Conference in Seattle, Washington, U.S., on Monday, May 7, 2018. The public might consider them nuisances, but in the commercial market, drones are valuable data collection devices. Their primary task is to capture, store, and transmit data. So as IT departments consider integrating more drone data into existing enterprise business processes, they face new data governance requirements. As drone technology matures, it is important for companies to know what it means for their information technology and software.

A behind-the-scenes look into Microsoft's IoT & AI Insider Labs


The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most significant trends in technology. And understanding their direction, and how to embrace them, is something that companies of all sizes want to understand. As a technology leader for over two decades, Microsoft has been at the forefront of IoT and Advanced Analytics (AA) since their inception, and our IoT & AI Insider Labs are the focal point for our customers to embrace these trends, and work hand-in-hand with experts to take their products from proof-of-concept to commercial deployment. Today on the Microsoft News Center, you can read about what it's like to come to work with Microsoft engineers in solving the challenges of melding machines and data at the labs, which currently operate in Redmond, Washington, and Shenzhen, China, with another facility opening soon in Munich, Germany. The Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs bring together developers with Microsoft and industry experts to tap into the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and fuel the digital transformation taking place across industries -- from energy to retail to robotics.