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Tap into the Power of Technology to Enhance Employee Training


According to The Wall Street Journal, virtual simulations incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) are being used to improve health care workers' bedside manner. Doctors, nurses and other caregivers in southern Maine are being trained in a virtual environment that simulates the conditions that patients with Alzheimer's disease, cancer and substance addictions experience. At the Hospice of Southern Maine in Scarborough, health care workers wear virtual reality headsets and are able to move their hands, pick up objects and get a panoramic view of the hospice setting as if they are the patient. The patient's family--in a simulated form--is present at the virtual bedside. Such examples demonstrate the remarkable advances in skills development and training, thanks to technology such as artificial intelligence--when machines learn based on experience--and virtual and augmented reality.

123 AI Use Cases & Applications in 2018: In-Depth Guide


We are tracking the most impactful AI use cases here. This is meant to be a list that grows over time so feel free to contribute with your comments, this list is definitely not comprehensive now. And share the knowledge with your twitter followers: @AndrewYNg claims that "AI is the new electricity". We compiled 100 applications runnning on this new electricity. Marketing can be summarized as reaching the customer with the right offer, the right message, at the right time, through the right channel while constantly learning. Optimizing product, pricing & placement allows marketers to create an attractive value proposition to customers. Gesture Control: Gesture control enables higher levels of activity and engagement by allowing users another mode of interaction with your digital products. Quantify the gesture levels and other engagements in order to provide meaningful insights. Pricing Optimization: Also called dynamic pricing or demand pricing, pricing optimization allows companies to optimize markdowns. Optimal markdowns minimize cannibalization while maximizing revenues. One of the easiest transformations a business can achieve, dynamic prices directly impact the bottom line and can be rolled out in a matter of days. Optimize markdowns to minimize cannibalization while maximizing revenues. Identify which products are of significant importance for customers.

Essential Technologies in Call Center Workforce Management RapidHits


The two qualities can also create a competitive advantage, which is key priority for growing organizations. While agents hold the keys to your company's success, they are also the most expensive resource you have – accounting for 60% to 70% of expenses in a contact center. Depending on organizational needs, call centers can implement an array of different technologies, from basic to sophisticated. Monet Software predicts in their study that call centers using workforce management systems generally experience a minimum reduction of 2% for staff hours with an average potential savings in the 5-10% range. With workforce management it is generally expected that at least 25% of the time currently devoted to manual input can be saved.

Verint Reimagines Cloud Workforce Management to Deliver World-Class Solution That Meets the Evolving Needs of Customers and Employees Verint Systems


MELVILLE, N.Y., November 18, 2019 – Effectively managing today's workforce is crucial for improving customer experience, operational efficiency, and compliance. Yet currently, rising expectations of both customers and employees have made forecasting and scheduling contact center agents and customer engagement resources exponentially more challenging. To give companies a simpler way to manage work across the enterprise, Verint Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced the newest release of its market-leading Workforce Management (WFM) solution, which leverages artificial intelligence-infused automation and new mobile tools to streamline forecasting and scheduling and improve employee engagement, all easily accessible via the Verint Cloud. "The workforce represents up to 80 percent of overall contact center budgets so accurate and cost-effective scheduling is vital," says Verint's John Goodson, SVP and general manager, Products. "At the same time, today's employees demand easier flex scheduling options, so organizations must balance flexibility and cost to provide superior service. As a pioneer in WFM, we view this new release as one that can invigorate the market to meet the ever-changing demands of today's contact centers and throughout the enterprise."

The HR Technology Market: Trends and Disruptions for 2018


Digital disruption A new industrial revolution, but people matter HR Tech 2017 Keynote 3 Copyright 2017 Deloitte Development LLC. Robots Can cost as low as $25,000* 250,000 purchased globally in 2016** *Source: Robots: The new low-cost worker, Dhara Ranasinghe, CNBC, April 10, 2015. The future of work Robotics, AI, sensors are here now HR Tech 2017 Keynote 4 Copyright 2017 Deloitte Development LLC. Quantified self: arriving now $1.8 billion in venture invested in wearables since 2016 Source: CB Insights HR Tech 2017 Keynote 5 Copyright 2017 Deloitte Development LLC. The "average" US worker now spends 25% of their day reading or answering emails Fewer than 16% of companies have a program to "simplify work" or help employees deal with stress. The average mobile phone user checks their device 150 times a day. The "average" US worker works 47 hours and 49% work 50 hours or more per week, with 20% at 60 hours per week 40% of the US population believes it is impossible to succeed at work and have a balanced family life.