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Introducing the Roger Voice Platform -- Roger Talk


Since our preview launch back in December, followed by the announcement of our funding round and the release of Roger on Android, we've been hard at work trying to keep up with all the feedback and requests from a seemingly global community that, like ourselves, believes we should talk more often. Today, we're taking another major step in making voice ubiquitous, as Roger evolves into the first-of-its-kind voice platform, completely integrated with the services you use everyday. This is a very special milestone for our team. I can clearly remember our discussion over dinner, the very first day we began building Roger. That question remained with us throughout the journey.

Android TV may soon recognize your exact voice


While it's not certain just when this would show or if there will be any changes versus other platforms, it's easy to see the likely advantages. This could ensure that Android TV launches directly into your Netflix profile instead of making you choose on-screen, for instance. It's not certain if anything is prompting the addition beyond Google's desire for completeness across platforms. Google is rumored to be preparing an Android TV dongle that would clearly benefit from Voice Match, though, and this could be important for tight Stadia integration whenever it's available on Android-powered sets. Whatever the reason, it's almost surprising that the feature hasn't been available sooner.

Is Alexa / Voice the Next Wave in AI Revolution after Chatbots?


When we think about chatbots, Facebook Messenger is dominating the space with 100K chatbots on its platform. Most businesses that have a Facebook page are finding that chatbots are the next logical step for Tier 1 support. From travel to booking to makeovers, chatbots have already started to show higher conversion rates and customer engagement. Traditionally Tier 1 support is repetitive and error-prone. I don't need a human to answer these questions, it's not exactly that robots will take over most jobs but it will make it better.

Essential Education, essential student voices

Los Angeles Times

No one is more affected by the education system than students themselves. With inside knowledge on the issues we cover, students have important things to say. Working with High School Insider, The Times' youth journalism platform, Essential Education will be giving young voices a space to report on issues they care about, from gender-neutral bathrooms to campus Islamophobia. High School Insider offers a content platform that publishes student work on, as well as classroom resources, conferences, contests and paid internships. The aim is to amplify student voices around the issues that matter to them, with a focus on underserved schools and communities.

Roku aims to take over home audio with its wireless speaker platform


Instead, it's approaching home audio similar to how it tackled TVs: By offering its technology to other companies. Specifically, Roku is unveiling a new wireless audio platform, Roku Connect, that it'll license to third parties. The company also put together a hardware reference design for a smart soundbar and speaker, which will guide partners as they develop their own hardware. To make it even easier for consumers to put together their own theater systems and spread speakers throughout their homes.