Mark Zuckerberg Wrote a Computer Program to Beat a High Schooler At Scrabble


Over the weekend, the New Yorker published an extensive and intimate profile of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a rarity given his aversion to speaking to the press. Longtime staff writer Evan Osnos visited Zuckerberg's home and conducted a series of interviews with the tech magnate. Osnos also spoke with four dozen people in and around Facebook. The piece begins with an examination of Zuckerberg's reputation for ruthless domination, which drives his approach to everything from business to board games. Osnos includes a telling anecdote about the CEO's strategy in a round of Scrabble.

Does Scrabble Need To Be Fixed? - Issue 67: Reboot


You can find Lynda Woods Cleary playing Scrabble every Tuesday at a Panera in Princeton, NJ. Cleary, a 68-year-old retired financial consultant, has been playing every week for 20 years since founding the Princeton Scrabble Club in 1998. When I asked her if she's ever disappointed to draw certain tiles, she looked surprised, even hurt. "Oh no," she said with an Alabama twang. "I want each and every one."

'Scrabble' adds 'emoji' and more words to its official dictionary


It's time to throw away your outdated dictionary and dust off those tiles, baby, because Scrabble is getting some new words. The folks behind Scrabble are beefing up the official Scrabble player's dictionary with 300 new words to keep up with the times and give veteran players some fresh verbs and nouns to memorize. SEE ALSO: Blue shell your friends to bankruptcy in Mario Kart-themed'Monopoly' The 70-year-old board game will be putting out the sixth edition of Merriam-Webster's The Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary this fall, and although not all of the words are exactly new to the English-American lexicon, they're certainly new to the competitive word game. In order to be added to the Scrabble dictionary, words have to fit within a few rules: "Words must be found in a standard dictionary and cannot be abbreviations, capitalized words, or words containing hyphens or apostrophes. All words must also be between two to eight letters in length."

I faced off against a Scrabble-playing robot and lost miserably


I thought hanging out with a Scrabble-playing robot would be a nice, chill time. I even imagined they would be useful at nursing homes, as therapy companions to elderly residents.

TFW You Can Play 'TFW' in Words With Friends

The Atlantic - Technology

This week, the game developer Zynga is rolling out a refreshed version of Words With Friends, billed as the world's most popular mobile word game. The new-and-improved Words With Friends 2 boasts various bells and whistles, like the "Solo Challenge" where you square off against bots, and "Lightning Rounds" that pit teams against each other. But a more profound change is going on invisibly: a huge expansion in the number of playable words. To celebrate the eighth anniversary of the game, Zynga announced in September that it was adding 50,000 new words to what it calls the "Social Dictionary," incorporating frequently requested items, as well as words inspired by pop culture and online communication. That includes not only contemporary slang like bae, yas, werk, turnt, and bestie, but also, more surprisingly, a handful of abbreviations like BFF (best friends forever), FOMO (fear of missing out), and TFW (that feeling when...).