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One Drop Diabetes Coach


Gestational Diabetes is a 2-part program. Your personal diabetes coach will guide you through a 4-month structured program that gives you the information and tools you need to successfully manage gestational diabetes. Then you'll receive 2 additional months of access to your coach so you can continue to ask questions and receive support after childbirth.

There may be a link between erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes

New Scientist

The research opens up the possibility that living a healthier lifestyle could help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, as it does with type 2 diabetes. It is too soon to say if this is a causal relationship. Very few clinical trials have found that improved glucose control leads to problems of erectile dysfunction, which limits the conclusions that can be drawn about whether treatment of diabetes is likely to have an impact on erectile dysfunction risk. "Erectile dysfunction affects at least one in five men over 60, yet up until now little has been known about its cause," says Anna Murray at the University of Exeter, who co-lead the study. The results "may mean that if people can reduce their risk of diabetes through healthier lifestyles, they may also avoid developing erectile dysfunction," she says.

How big data is used in weather forecasting, diabetes management


Since the dawn of man, we have always been looking for ever more accurate methods of solving problems. The rise of big data has certainly been a big help. Typhoon forecasts and the treatment of diabetes, though totally unrelated, are two examples of how technology can make a big difference. The Chinese word for typhoon was first used in the late Ming Dynasty. In the old days, people used wind direction and abnormal animal behavior, such as deep-water fish coming near the shore, to forecast the arrival of a storm.

Diabetes at-risk offered lifestyle help

BBC News

People in England at risk of type-2 diabetes are to be offered healthy-lifestyle support by the NHS to help them prevent the condition developing. The new national programme will be launched this spring, with the aim of helping 20,000 people this year. Patients will be offered 13 sessions focusing on exercise, education and lifestyle changes. GPs are being asked to identify the people who would benefit the most from the programme. This will be done through blood-glucose testing and monitoring for signs of pre-diabetes.

Sleeping for more than an hour during the day 'increases diabetes risk by nearly half'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Indulging in an afternoon nap is something most workers dream of. But, a team of scientists have warned allowing yourself the luxury could increase the risk of developing diabetes. Those who nap for more than an hour a day have a 45 per cent increased risk of having type 2 diabetes, researchers found. But shorter naps did not show an increased risk, according to the study which is to be presented to the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Munich, Germany. Indulging in a nap of longer than 40 minutes increases a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes, researchers found Experts from Japan looked at data from 21 studies concerning more than 300,000 people and found the association between daytime snoozes and type 2 diabetes.