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T-Mobile CEO: Sprint merger isn't off table

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced his company's plan first, with Sprint following quickly after. The long-rumored merger of Sprint and T-Mobile may not be dead in a Donald Trump presidency, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Speaking in a Q&A following his company's latest announcements at CES in Las Vegas, Legere was asked about new rumors circulating about the nation's third- and fourth-largest carriers joining forces. "In the future structure of the industry, there are a number of people who think, well, it may make sense from a scale standpoint to consider the coming together of T-Mobile and Sprint," said Legere, who also notes that it's possible Sprint will be acquired by a cable operator that wants to get into mobile.. The Sprint/T-Mobile pairing has been rumored for years.

A brief history of the epic Twitter beef between T-Mobile and Sprint


If you've been a close observer of T-Mobile CEO John Legere's Twitter feed, you were likely as surprised as anyone when he confirmed that his company had finally signed onto a $26.5 billion deal to merge with Sprint. Not because the two companies had tried and failed at a similar deal two times before, though, but because Legere actually had some nice things to say about his longtime competitor. SEE ALSO: T-Mobile and Sprint want you to be scared of China. While the outspoken CEO has been known for his extremely blunt tweets, he's reserved his harshest words for other carriers (he was forced to apologize in 2014 after accusing AT&T and Verizon of "raping" customers). But Sprint and its CEO Marcelo Claure may just have been one of his favorite targets over the years.

T-Mobile-Sprint reportedly renew merger talks: What it means to them and you

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The two companies are reportedly in merger talks. Sprint and T-Mobile's CEOs are at it again. This time the Twitter battle was sparked by a RootMetrics report comparing the top four U.S. carriers. The stock prices of T-Mobile and Sprint soared Tuesday following a Wall Street Journal report that the nation's third and fourth largest wireless carrier have rekindled merger talks. Sprint's shares rose more than 20% in early afternoon trading; T-Mobile's stock climbed more than 6%.

Sprint stock dives 11% over report T-Mobile merger is off

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The two companies are reportedly in merger talks. The Japanese firm SoftBank, which owns Sprint, plans to call off talks with T-Mobile about a merger of the two wireless companies, according to the Nikkei Asian Review. Trading of Sprint was briefly halted just after the report was published. According to the report, the giant Japanese technology company ended its effort to become a major player in the U.S. wireless market after Sprint and T-Mobile were unable to agree on how ownership of the new company would be structured. Nikkei reported that SoftBank planned to contact T-Mobile-owner Deutsche Telekom as early as Tuesday about ending negotiations.