The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, but if you drop it, it will probably break


SquareTrade carrying out a bend test of the iPhone 7. SquareTrade, extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics, tested the durability and water resistance claims of the new Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus against the Samsung new Galaxy Note 7. "The iPhone 7 generation is the first to compete with Samsung's water resistant ratings in its latest smartphones," said Steve Abernethy, executive chairman at SquareTrade. "After putting them to the test, there's no doubt the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren't scared of going for a little swim. Still, when it comes to surviving a sidewalk drop, we saw no improvement. Broken screens are still the leading cause of smartphone damage-and both Apple and Samsung still have a lot of work to do."

Watch the iPhone SE and 6S go head-to-head in durability tests


We know that Apple's iPhone SE has the guts of an iPhone 6S with the body of an iPhone 5S, but which one holds up better against the elements? Phone warranty company SquareTrade put the SE through a series of tests to see how well it fares when dropped on the ground and dunked underwater. While the iPhone SE can stand toe-to-toe with the 6S performance-wise, it falls to its predecessor in durability tests. The first test, as shown in the video above, put the iPhones (an iPhone SE, 6 and 6S) in a deep-water dunk test. The 6S lasted a half hour and only lost audio, while the 6S Plus died around 10 minutes.

iPhone 7 vs Original iPhone: Apple Users Have Spent Billions Of Dollars On Repair In A Decade

International Business Times

The first generation iPhone turned 10-years-old Thursday. Since the first device, there have been 10 subsequent iPhone generations released. The series is currently on the iPhone 7. To commemorate the iPhone milestone, the breakability test team SquareTrade compared the the first iPhone to the most recent to demonstrate how much technology has developed between 2007 and 2017. Read: iPhone 8 Rumors: 10th Anniversary Device Will Charge Faster With 10W USB-C Connector In a dunk test, the IP67 grade water resistant iPhone 7 easily outperformed the original iPhone, which was rendered unuseable as soon as it was submerged. However, both models succumbed to a face down drop test on the first attempt.

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen 'extremely susceptible to cracking'

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Samsung Galaxy S8 customers are being warned about the handset's apparent fragility. The South Korean firm's latest flagship performed poorly in tests conducted by smartphone insurance firm SquareTrade, receiving a "medium-high risk" rating and a "breakability score" of 76 out of 100. In SquareTrade's tests, the screens of both the S8 and S8 cracked after a single front-face down drop from a height of six feet. Since the handsets use an all-glass design, front-face up drop tests caused cracks to appear on their rear panels, while side-on drops caused glass and button damage. SquareTrade claims the S8 is the first phone it has tested that cracked on the first drop on all sides, concluding that the phone is "extremely susceptible to cracking when dropped from any angle".



The two sheets of glass that make up the bulk of the iPhone 8 will break if you drop it. Testing carried out by protection plan provider SquareTrade on the iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus pitted Apple's new offerings against Samsung's Note 8. "Like the Galaxy S8 and Note8, our tests show that the all-glass iPhone 8 and 8 Plus break on the first drop on all sides. YouTuber JerryRigEverything also carried out drop testing on the new iPhone 8 and also found that it breaks when dropped.