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Nearly 1 in 5 Rural Young Adults Neither Working Nor in School

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"Countless magazine and newspaper articles told stories of middle-class, college-educated young people unable to find work and living glumly among elementary school karate trophies and Green Day posters in their childhood bedrooms," the study says. "But as real and painful as those particular 20-somethings' experiences were, college-educated young people were a tiny slice of the disconnected youth population even at the recession's height. Disconnected young people are disproportionately poor, living with disabilities and parenting children, and only 4 percent of them have college degrees."

Parkland Students to Tour the Country to Encourage Young People to Vote


The Parkland students, who have proven themselves to be unusually good at spurring other teenagers to become politically engaged, announced on Monday that this summer they will be touring the country to encourage young people to vote. The students plan to spend two months traveling the country, they said in a press conference. They plan to hold voter registration drives in 50 cities in 20 states, as well as every congressional district in Florida, with a particular focus on those they consider especially tainted by money from the National Rifle Association. Since the March for Our Lives events in Washington, D.C., and in cities around the country, which urged young people to fight for gun control and vote out anti-regulation, NRA-backed politicians, student leaders of the movement have increasingly focused on encouraging young people to register to vote. The student activists, many of whom graduated on Sunday, have been active on social media and at various events and appearances encouraging groups to hold voter drives and demonstrate for gun control.

#WearItPurple trends in support of LGBTQ young people


Many places around the world still have a long way to go when it comes to protecting the rights of sex, sexuality and gender-diverse young people, and Australia is no exception. That's why #WearItPurple was created and Wear It Purple Day was celebrated on Friday. The Wear it Purple organisation behind the trending hashtag are a student run, not-for-profit organisation that exist to support young LGBTQ people with mentorship programs, community engagement, a youth action council and more. The Wear It Purple's core message is simple; rainbow children and teens have the right to be proud of who they are. Today in Australia is #wearitpurple.

Sunak hasn't gone far enough, young people say

BBC News

As a younger entrepreneur, he welcomed the government's announcement of an extra £56.5m for the British Business Bank's Start-Up Loans scheme next year. In fact, he had just finished the firm's application to the scheme on Wednesday morning - just before the chancellor's speech.

14-Year-Old Held After 5 Young People Hurt in Party Shooting

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Police initially reported four young people ages 13 and 14 were hurt, but later determined a fifth was taken to a hospital by family members. Police say one is in critical condition after being shot in the head. The other four had non-life threatening injuries to the hands, legs or body.