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Bumble disabled its politics filter after it was used to out Capitol rioters


The dating app Bumble has disabled its politics filter after it was supposedly used to reveal the identities of Capitol rioters, Mashable has reported. Bumble support posted on Twitter that it "temporarily removed our politics filter to prevent misuse," adding that it "prohibits any content that promotes terrorism or racial hatred." Bumble has promised in another tweet that it will "be reinstated in the future." It also stated that it has removed users confirmed as participants in the US Capitol attack. We've temporarily removed our politics filter to prevent misuse.

Bumble removes political filter amid search for Capitol rioters on the app


Shortly after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last week, the hunt was on to find those who participated. It wasn't that difficult, as these insurrectionists refused to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic, even if it meant being filmed breaking the law (or being livestreamed by one of their own). While the FBI seemingly failed to see the Capitol riot coming, they have set up a tip line for anyone who had information about participants. This led to people scouring the internet in attempt to identity these domestic terrorists. On January 7, the day after the riot, Foreign Policy for America NextGen Initiative Co-Chair Alia Awadallah noticed an uptick of MAGA-lovers on dating apps.

'We Are Not a Match.' Bumble User Turns in Alleged Capitol Rioter Who Boasted About Taking Part in the Jan. 6 Insurrection

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A Bumble user who boasted to a match on the dating app about participating in the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has been arrested and charged over his alleged role in the insurrection. According to court documents, Robert Chapman of Carmel, N.Y., was charged Thursday with knowingly entering or remaining on restricted government property without lawful authority, as well as violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. The documents state his arrest came after a person he matched with on Bumble gave a screenshot of the conversation to law enforcement. "I did storm the Capitol," Chapman wrote, adding that he had spoken to reporters at the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. "I made it all the way into Statuary Hall!" "We are not a match," his potential suitor wrote in response.

Dating Experiment Confirms It's Sexier To Support Pizza Than Trump

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Then you might have a hard time getting those right swipes. For almost two months, dating app Bumble has been letting users put special election filters onto their profile to let potential matches know where they stand on the political spectrum. Aside from Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (who has since dropped out of the race), as well as the overarching Democratic or Republican filters, the options also include fictional candidates like Frank Underwood from "House of Cards," Kanye West and, naturally, pizza. For users who couldn't care less about the election, there was also a #IDGAF filter. Bumble offered its 5 million users the option to choose from these 10 filters, and though using them was not required, the company told The Huffington Post that 1.8 million filters were swiped on daily.

Bumble gives employees a fully-paid week off over fears of pandemic burnout

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Employees at the popular women-led dating app Bumble will be getting a fully-paid week off in June, as company leaders seek to combat excessive pandemic burnout among their employees. The initiative, announced earlier this year, will give the more than 750 employees of the company a week of "paid, fully offline" time off, according to the company. Bumble said in a statement on Monday the move came after seeing how "our global team has had a very challenging time during the pandemic." "As vaccination rates have increased and restriction have begun to ease, we wanted to give our teams around the world and opportunity to shut off and focus on themselves for a week," it added. Bumble floats on stock market valued at $8.2bn as investors snap up shares in dating app Bumble removes politics filter following tweets encouraging people to use feature to identify Capitol rioters Sharon Stone calls out dating app Bumble for blocking her account: 'Don't shut me out of the hive' Bumble launches new feature that automatically blurs nude images Bumble floats on stock market valued at $8.2bn as investors snap up shares in dating app Sharon Stone calls out dating app Bumble for blocking her account: 'Don't shut me out of the hive' A Bumble executive, Clare O'Connor, put it more sharply in a now-deleted tweet: the company needed it because of "our collective burnout."