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Ex-Inmate Who Went Blind in North Carolina Prison Gets $2.6M

U.S. News

Nhar was convicted of selling stolen weapons to an undercover officer. The lawsuit says prison medical staff knew he had an eye disease that can trigger glaucoma, and he repeatedly notified medical staff of vision deterioration, but received insufficient care.

Covid survivor Scott Howell thanks hospital staff for saving his life

BBC News

A year after being put on a ventilator, Scott Howell returned to the hospital where he was treated.

NHS staff survey raises racism concerns

BBC News

Black and ethnic minority staff working in the NHS are more likely to report being bullied or harassed than their white colleagues, the first national review by NHS England has suggested. The report, which covers all NHS trusts in England, calls for attitudes and behaviour to change. NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said the results were "deeply concerning and a clear call to action". The NHS has said it is investing 2m over two years to tackle the issue. Joan Saddler, who co-chairs the NHS equality and diversity council (EDC), said although trusts had traditionally collected data on staff experiences through local surveys, they had "generally failed to act" on them.

Coronavirus: More bereaved families of NHS staff can stay in UK

BBC News

The families of overseas NHS support staff and care workers who have died with coronavirus can stay in the UK permanently. The Home Office bereavement scheme had previously only applied to certain professions, such as nurses. Home Secretary Priti Patel has extended it to cover cleaners, porters and other low-paid roles after pressure from Labour and the unions. But a free visa extension scheme still does not apply to support staff. The offer of indefinite leave to remain for bereaved families of support staff will be effective immediately and retrospectively, the Home Office said.

Bursary cut 'may worsen NHS staff gaps'

BBC News

Plans to scrap student bursaries and charge nurses and other health staff for their degrees in England could backfire, unions are warning. Ministers plan to overhaul the funding system in September 2017 and charge those studying to be front-line health workers for their degrees. But the Royal College of Nursing and Unison are warning it could turn people off NHS careers and worsen shortages. Student nurses, midwives and staff such as physiotherapists will be affected. They are currently entitled to bursaries of 4,500 to 5,500 if they live in London - on top of a grant of 1,000 each year during their course.