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Scientific Research Suffers As Funding Falls, Faulty Results Could Rise

International Business Times

Dwindling funds for scientific research could encourage scientists to cheat, a report released Friday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine finds. Additionally, research misconduct is eating up precious funds even as they grow scarcer. The report, "Fostering Integrity in Research," said the funding crunch could hamper progress as scientists skip protocols and arrive at faulty conclusions. Research misconduct, some of which was not detected for years, has led to an increase in the "number and percentage of research articles that are retracted and growing concern about low rates of reproducibility … [raising] questions about how the research enterprise can better ensure that investments in research produce reliable knowledge," Chairman Robert M. Nerem wrote in the report's preface. The U.S. devoted 2.81 percent of gross domestic product to research and development in 2012, with the private sector contributing two-thirds of that.

Big 'Pokémon Go' update adds a storyline, daily quests, and Mew


Pokémon Go is giving players new incentives to keep coming back to the already addictive app: a storyline, daily quests, and an elusive legendary Pokémon. The latest Pokémon Go update adds Field Research and Special Research features which give players more activities to do. The latter adds a bit of a story element to the game for the first time since its launch. Completing research tasks nets players rewards and can lead to an encounter with a legendary Pokémon, including the new Mew. SEE ALSO: 'Ghostbusters World' will be like Pokémon Go, but with ghosts!

Working at the Edge: Developing a Cross-disciplinary Research Agenda


Q&A / DISCUSSION Our vision for computing and communications technology is people centred: we are committed to integrating technology effectively into human activity. We seek to: • Empower: placing people at the centre of our research • Situate: focusing as much on context as on technology • Disrupt: creatively disrupt discipline borders for new perspectives and solutions In other words, we focus on the use of digital technology to enhance human experience.


AAAI Conferences

With the growing volume of publications in the Computer Science (CS) discipline, tracking the research evolution and predicting the future research trending topics are of great importance for researchers to keep up with the rapid progress of research. Within a research area, there are many top conferences that publish the latest research results. These conferences mutually influence each other and jointly promote the development of the research area. To predict the trending topics of mutually influenced conferences, we propose a correlated neural influence model, which has the ability to capture the sequential properties of research evolution in each individual conference and discover the dependencies among different conferences simultaneously. The experiments conducted on a scientific dataset including conferences in artificial intelligence and data mining show that our model consistently outperforms the other state-of-the-art methods. We also demonstrate the interpretability and predictability of the proposed model by providing its answers to two questions of concern, i.e., what the next rising trending topics are and for each conference who the most influential peer is.