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24 hours with Sony's A9 full-frame mirrorless camera


Sony has one clear goal with its A9 full-frame flagship camera: to make professional photographers forget about their DSLRs. These are high expectations, sure, but the company's new mirrorless shooter seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of specs. The A9 focuses on speed, not so much resolution, which makes sense, considering that Sony's going after people who do sports photography in particular. You'll find a 24.2-megapixel 35mm sensor, 20fps continuous shooting, 1/32,000 shutter speed and a ridiculous 693-point phase detection autofocus that covers 93 percent of your frame. None of this would work without the latest Bionz X processor, though, which Sony claims handles data 20 times faster than previous models.

Canon G7X Mark II Review

TIME - Tech

The Canon G7X Mark II sits in Canon's premium range of compact cameras. It's intended to appeal to those who want a device that offers a high level of control and excellent image quality, but slots into your pocket. It could be seen as a travel compact for those who own bigger cameras, such as a DSLR or CSC. It's an upgrade on the G7X, bringing a series of relatively small but useful updates – although it retains the same sensor and lens as its predecessor. It features manual control and raw format shooting, making it particularly appealing to enthusiasts.

Sony A9 camera pricey, but what a performer

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Jefferson Graham reviews the expensive, but fascinating Sony A9 camera, which has the fastest auto focus he's seen on a pro-level camera. Add two lenses, and you're crossing $10,000. The Sony A9 camera shoots 20 frames a second. Seen here with 70-200mm lens. I know it's pricey, but let me tell you about it anyway and why I fell in love during my two weeks with the camera -- now sadly back at Sony HQ.

Nokia 9 PureView hands-on: All of the cameras and none of the gimmicks


Compared to Samsung's folding phone and LG's touchless UI, the Nokia 9 PureView, HMD's first flagship of 2019, is decidedly simple in its ambitions. It merely wants to take the best possible photos ever recorded by a smartphone. The back of the Nokia 9 sports a unique penta-lens array of cameras, plus a sensor and a flash, arranged in a neat hexagonal pattern. The Nokia 9 has a glass back and lots of cameras. So there's no ultra-wide or telephoto lens on the Nokia 9, and in fact, none of the cameras are particularly revolutionary on their own.

The New Sony RX100 Camera Adds the World's Fastest Autofocus


At any given time, it's always hard to imagine a more-capable pocket camera than Sony's RX100. At least until Sony releases the latest version--the company refreshes the esteemed enthusiast point-and-shoot about once a year. The new Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (Mark 5) builds upon its predecessor's excellent foundation to add what Sony claims is the fastest ever in a camera of its class. The camera sports a whopping 315 autofocus points on its 1-inch-type CMOS sensor, a combination of phase-detection and contrast-detection AF sensors. This means the RX100 V can capture up to 24 frames per second with the autofocus system adjusting between shots.