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These Pilots Are the Unsung Heroes in Organ Transplants

U.S. News

That Sunday in November, he and fellow pilot Roger Law needed to depart at 12:30 a.m. to pick up a heart and lung in Evansville. Ratzlaff rested for an hour before heading to the TxJet hangar at the Indianapolis International Airport, a more leisurely time frame than usual.

Ten connected miniature organs are best human-on-a-chip yet

New Scientist

Ten miniature models of various human organs have been connected together to create the closest we've come yet to a human-on-a-chip. The system survived for four weeks, and allowed scientists to test the effects of a common painkiller on multiple organs. Such systems could eventually do away with animal testing, says Linda Griffith at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who led the work. Scientists around the world have been developing organs-on-chips.

Two injured after helicopter carrying donated organ crashes on top of Keck Hospital of USC

Los Angeles Times

Two people were injured Friday afternoon when a helicopter crashed near the helipad on top of Keck Hospital of USC, fire officials said. Officials have not determined who the injured occupants are or the extent of their injuries, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. The aircraft that crashed was a private ambulance helicopter that was transporting a donated organ to the hospital. It was last reported to be on its side with no fire, said LAFD spokeswoman Margaret Stewart. "The aircraft is stable on its side, on the helipad," LAFD said in a news alert.

New Mexico Agency Encourages Organ Donation Option

U.S. News

Throughout April, Motor Vehicle Division offices around the state have been displaying posters encouraging people to register as organ donors. Clerks also are talking to customers about the choice to become organ donors.

Can Growing Human Organs in Pigs Solve the Organ Shortage?

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Back in the 90s, a deeply disturbing image surfaced on the nascent Internet: a lab mouse with something looking like a human ear grown on its back.