Republican Health-Care Plan Lacks Coverage for Injuries Resulting from Body Slamming

The New Yorker

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)--The health-care bill passed by House Republicans earlier this month offers no coverage for injuries suffered as a result of body slamming, according to a report issued on Thursday. The report, released by the nonpartisan Center for Comprehensive Health Coverage, warns of sharp increases in health-care costs for the nation's body-slamming sufferers. Costs associated with body slamming, such as X-rays to the elbow and other injured body parts, would have to be paid for out of pocket under the G.O.P. plan, the report says. In a separate finding, the report indicates that the Republican health-care bill's vision-care option does not offer replacement eyewear in the case of glasses being smashed or otherwise demolished in an unprovoked body-slamming incident. Finally, the report finds, the G.O.P. plan offers no preventive treatment for the severely disturbed people who are the root causes of most body-slamming incidents.

These VCs nailed their 2017 health-care predictions. Here's what they see for 2018.


For what is now an annual tradition, we are once again attempting to be healthcare soothsayers. We are proud to share with you our 10 healthcare predictions for 2018. But first, we look back on our 2017 predictions.

Putting AI to Work in Healthcare: Turning Data into Action


With RPM, vital signs and other health data are passively collected from the patient and sent to the cloud where AI models can alert appropriate healthcare professionals if the person starts to become unwell. This ability to manage throughput--to separate the signal from the noise--is the power of AI. It lets healthcare professionals focus on the patients who need their attention the most, and it helps those who don't need healthcare attention feel safer and more secure at home. Many patients simply require the reassurance that everything is OK and is going to be OK.

A health-care plan from 2,000 years ago could help America today

FOX News

There's a group of Christians who have peace of mind even while America's health-care system seems to spiral out of control. As an expression of our faith, we've opted out of health insurance entirely and decided to directly share one another's medical costs.

Why Healthcare IoT Is on the Rise [#Infographic]


The Internet of Healthcare Things is coming -- and for all intents and purposes, it's already here. According to a new report by Aruba Networks, by next year, 87 percent of healthcare organizations will have adopted IoT. Moreover, more than three-quarters of these organizations believe the technology will completely transform the healthcare industry. As IoT is injected into everything from X-ray machines to patient monitors and hospital meters, networking demands will change and providers will need to revamp cybersecurity to address an increasingly connected threat landscape. But alongside these infrastructure needs will come several benefits and an increased return on investment for care organizations that choose to embrace a connected future.