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The Nation's Worst Anti-Gay Bill Goes on Trial


A group of lawyers challenged the law as an effort to favor certain religious people in a manner that burdened adherents to other faiths--and specifically, LGBTQ people. The effort was led by Roberta Kaplan, the attorney who took down the federal same-sex marriage ban; civil rights attorney Rob McDuff; the Mississippi Center for Justice; and the Campaign for Southern Equality. Kaplan and McDuff argued before the court on Monday, facing off against Jonathan Mitchell, who recently argued in favor of rolling back marriage equality at the Texas Supreme Court. Mitchell co-authored a bizarre brief informing the 5th Circuit that gay people don't deserve rights because they bully Christians and sometimes become straight. But when he kicked off arguments on Monday, Mitchell was levelheaded and focused on landing one knockout jab: The plaintiffs, a group of religious LGBTQ people who fear discrimination because of HB 1523, don't have standing to fight against it because they aren't actually harmed by it.

Mississippi Developer Could Avoid Criminal Prosecution

U.S. News

Watkins' attorney, Rob McDuff, says Watkins' case came from a dispute with three former business partners in the mall's redevelopment. McDuff says they have resolved the dispute and agree the case should be treated as a civil matter rather than going through criminal prosecution and trial.

Portland suburb's police declare riot after protest following officer-involved shooting

FOX News

Is it too late for Ted Wheeler to get tough against this radical left group? Police in a suburb of Portland, Ore., declared a riot Thursday night after around 100 protesters smashed windows and sprayed graffiti in a downtown business area. The unrest in Tigard, a city of about 48,000 residents, just southwest of Portland, came in response to officers having fatally shot a 26-year-old domestic violence suspect named Jacob Ryan McDuff, according to reports. Officers arrested one protester, Zane Saleem Bsoul, 20, charging him with one count of rioting. The crowd dispersed by around 9:30 p.m. PT.

Microsoft's Ada Is an AI Art Installation That Converts Emotions into a Beautiful Light Display - WinBuzzer


The role AI plays today is largely behind the scenes. Other than the occasional industrial robot or self-driving cars, the benefits we see are largely in opaque software features. By working with Novartis, Microsoft has created a much more visual representation of the emerging technology. Project Ada is a giant two-story structure that inhabits building 99 on Microsoft's campus. According to designer Jenny Sabin, it's the first time an architectural structure has been driven by AI in real-time.

Deep learning tools help users dig into advanced analytics data


At Twitter Inc., Hugo Larochelle's job is to develop an understanding of how users of the social network are connected to each other and what interests them in order to categorize and promote content that includes tweets, images and videos. To help accomplish that, he and his fellow data analysts use an emerging technology: deep learning tools. As Larochelle, a research scientist at Twitter, explained during a presentation at the Deep Learning Summit in Boston this month, deep learning is a category of machine learning that seeks to understand complex problems, such as interpreting images or text-based natural language. He and other proponents say deep learning techniques -- which lean heavily on the use of neural networks -- are more useful than traditional machine learning when data analytics applications involve unstructured data or require subjective interpretations. And deep learning is quickly becoming a hot field in the realm of advanced data analytics.