Nightmarish moment dozens of baby funnel webs are born

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Staff at the Australian Reptile Park have captured the moment that hundreds of baby spiders crawl out of their egg sack for the first time.

Friskney Show: Funnel cloud lifts inflatable slide - BBC News

BBC News

A funnel cloud lifted an inflatable slide into the air at a Lincolnshire country show. Eyewitnesses at the Friskney Show, near Skegness, reported the inflatable taking off at about 13:20 BST and sailing about 30ft up in the air before landing on a nearby road. No-one was on the slide at the time as it had already closed when the weather started to change. Several stalls were damaged and a car's rear windscreen was smashed. Sam Stanhope, who was at the show, said: "It got extremely windy, it was very weird.

What Full-Funnel Social Analytics Actually Means


You want to generate awareness of your brand and/or product, but you ultimately want to bring dollars into your business. You want to build an engaged community on social, but you want to get those click-throughs, too. Because you want to get better at many things, you don't want to measure just one element of your social media activity. And you still haven't found what you're looking for. Simply Measured now offers full-funnel analytics, so you can finally measure everything from conversation to conversion.

The Venture Capital Funnel: Regional Follow-On & Exit Analysis


The venture capital funnel shows just how brutal the VC game is. We analyzed VC fundraising stats from various regions to see where it's easiest (and hardest) to raise money and exit. Among our unexpected findings, we learned it's easier to raise a 2nd round of financing in NY or Boston vs Silicon Valley. For details on our methodology and how we analyzed our cohort, please see our methodology section at the end of the post. Using CB Insights data, we dug into funding trends for eight select regions.

Sac Full of Deadly Spiders Opened and Milked for Venom

National Geographic News

When a Newcastle, Australia, resident discovered a strange sac in their garden, they had no idea it would contain hundreds of the country's most venomous spiders. The unusual-looking object was promptly taken to the Australian Reptile Park for further investigation. The zoo is on the Central Coast of New South Wales, about an hour from Newcastle and Sydney. After inspection, it took no time for Kane Christensen, head of spiders at the reptile park, to identify the strange sac as a funnel web egg. Australia's most dangerous spider, a funnel web is not only venomous but has a reputation for being aggressive.