Collaborating Authors pulls nearly 47,000 daycare listings following report

Engadget is considered the go-to site for caregivers in the US, but it just faced a serious shakeup. The company has confirmed that it took down 46,594 daycare center listings (45 percent of the listings in its database) after a Wall Street Journal report found that hundreds of listings weren't actually state licensed as claimed. Some falsely claimed their licenses, while others either didn't exist or didn't know they were on the site in the first place. The company already warned that it didn't verify listings, but that only appeared at the bottom of pages until after the article. The same report also noted that offered only limited vetting of caregivers.

Listing Embeddings for Similar Listing Recommendations and Real-time Personalization in Search


Airbnb's marketplace contains millions of diverse listings which potential guests explore through search results generated from a sophisticated Machine Learning model that uses more than hundred signals to decide how to rank a particular listing on the search page. Once a guest views a home they can continue their search by either returning to the results or by browsing the Similar Listing Carousel, where listing recommendations related to the current listing are shown. In this blog post we describe a Listing Embedding technique we developed and deployed at Airbnb for the purpose of improving Similar Listing Recommendations and Real-Time Personalization in Search Ranking. The embeddings are vector representations of Airbnb homes learned from search sessions that allow us to measure similarities between listings. They effectively encode many listing features, such as location, price, listing type, architecture and listing style, all using only 32 float numbers.

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The program listing should either be presented as figures throughout the paper, or as an appendix. In either case, the listing is included as documentation for what you say in the paper.

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Classical listing: The Nov. 16 Calendar section contained a "5 Days Out" listing for New West Symphony's "Modern Times" performance Friday at Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge. The performance has been canceled.

Tencent Rival NetEase Moves Ahead With Hong Kong Listing WSJD - Technology

Mobile-gaming group NetEase Inc. will begin taking investor orders later Monday for a multibillion-dollar Hong Kong share sale, people familiar with the matter said, as momentum builds for U.S.-listed Chinese groups to obtain secondary listings closer to home. The Nasdaq-listed group's planned secondary offering in Hong Kong comes after a roughly $13 billion Hong Kong debut by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. last year, and is likely to be followed by another stock sale in the city by Chinese e-commerce group Inc.