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Volly Announces Series B Growth Equity Round


Volly, an industry-leading provider of SaaS-based FinTech and creative marketing services to the financial services industry, announced that it has closed on an $11 million Series B growth equity round led by Camden Partners with participation from existing investor, New Capital Partners (NCP). Jason Tagler, General Partner and Managing Member of Camden Partners, will be joining the board as part of this investment and stated, "The mortgage industry expertise of the management team, NCP, and Executive Chairman Larry Huff, position the company with a unique combination of seasoned industry experience and a successful track record managing mortgage industry businesses as well as technology providers. We are particularly excited about the new Volly Portal solution, which leverages the full product features of Volly delivered in a single platform to serve the full range of customer acquisition, retention, and transactional needs of lending professionals." Adam Cranford, Managing Director of New Capital Partners, said "We are excited to continue our on-going partnership with Volly. The Volly management team has done an excellent job building an industry-leading solution and positioning Volly for rapid growth in the mortgage and financial services technology sector. Broad usage of Volly's technology platform and creative marketing services by many of the top mortgage and banking industry leaders attests to the strength of the Volly platform capabilities and the strategic value proposition that Volly offers to its clients."

Exterro Announces Launch of Groundbreaking Data Source Discovery


Exterro Inc., the preferred provider of Legal GRC software and the Association of Corporate Counsel exclusive Alliance Partner for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance and E-Discovery, announced today the launch of the Exterro Data Source Discovery. This innovative addition to the Exterro Legal GRC Suite allows Legal teams to easily obtain a comprehensive list of data sources, automatically and without the need to involve IT. Legal teams often face challenges when trying to find data quickly, whether it's needed for litigation, a data subject access request, internal investigation, or other business process. Adding to this problem is the ease at which different business units--and even employee groups within those units--can create new data sources such as a new Slack channel or a new Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site that is unknown to the Legal team. Relying on IT to find these new data sources and collect relevant information often adds critical time delays.

AI For Advertisers: How Data Analytics Can Change The Maths Of Advertising? – Data Science Blog (English only)


The task of understanding a customer's journey and designing your marketing strategy accordingly can be difficult in this data-driven world. Today, the customer expresses their needs in myriad forms of requests. Consumers express their needs and want attitudes, and values in various forms through search, comments, blogs, Tweets, "likes," videos, and conversations and access such data across many channels like web, mobile, and face to face. Volume, variety, velocity and veracity of the data accumulated through these customer interactions are huge. BigData and data analytics can be leveraged to understand several phases of the customer journey.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Sense Buyer Intent

#artificialintelligence app users now not only receive instant booking access to a destination with a single QR code but also get personalized offers based on their earlier travel experiences, preferences and interactions. That's how it tackled the issue of buyer intent. Over the last year or so, the process of anticipating a buyer's intent has got even more scientific. We have seen brands like Instead of spending solely on advertising that could target perhaps the wrong demographics, or address audiences who may have no contextual relevance at all, brands are increasing utilizing their funds to invest in AI driven tech to "understand" a buyer's intent.