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Traffic warden abused outside Stoke-on-Trent school

BBC News

The BBC has filmed a traffic warden being verbally abused by the passenger of a car, parked illegally outside a school in Staffordshire. For the first time, cameras were granted exclusive access to the traffic warden department at Stoke-on-Trent City Council. It follows an increase in the number of verbal and physical assaults on the city's traffic enforcement team. They now wear body cameras to record everything they see. Lyn who's been a traffic warden for almost a decade said: "People respond violently sometimes and colleagues have been threatened, squared up to, spat in the face and headbutted."

Introducing Barchester Towers


The Trollope of Barchester Towers is about as worldly as a novelist can get without tipping over into outright cynicism. Like Jane Austen, he understands human beings to be motivated by a balance of principle and self-interest and that too much of either is equally likely to lead to trouble. The preceding novel in the series, The Warden, describes the scandal surrounding the decent old gentleman Septimus Hardinge, whose position running a charitable retirement home becomes the subject of a reform campaign. It's impossible not to want Mr. Hardinge to keep his position as warden, but it's equally impossible not to see that the people who want to take it away from him have a point. In Barchester Towers, Mr. Hardinge hopes to regain the wardenship, but Mrs. Proudie and Mr. Slope want to give it to a poor clergyman with 14 children, who obviously needs it more.

Daniel Corneille jailed for Sheerness traffic warden attack

BBC News

The traffic warden was issuing Corneille a parking ticket as he was blocking paving which was designed to help visually impaired people cross the road. He was also on double yellow lines.

London attacks: Tickets issued to cars left near Borough Market

BBC News

Traffic wardens slapped tickets on cars which were left abandoned inside a police cordon during the London terror attack. Penalty charge notices were issued to a number of vehicles left near Borough Market, where several people were stabbed on Saturday. Enforcement officers were seen putting penalty charge notices on windscreens after some streets reopened earlier. Transport for London (TfL) said the fines "should never have been issued". It apologised for the "insensitive mistake" and said the charges, which can be up to £130, will be cancelled.

Wife: Husband Thought He No Longer Was a Wanted Man in Iowa

U.S. News

Virginia Cagley said an Iowa prison warden wrote a 2006 letter saying the 1981 warrant for Cagley's arrest had been withdrawn and that Iowa no longer wanted him back in custody. The warden wrote the letter to the Department of Veteran Affairs after Cagley, a Vietnam veteran, applied for benefits but was told there was a warrant out for him, she said.