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Taming Machine Learning on AWS with MLOps: A Reference Architecture


Despite the investments and commitment from leadership, many organizations are yet to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Data science and analytics teams are often squeezed between increasing business expectations and sandbox environments evolving into complex solutions. This makes it challenging to transform data into solid answers for stakeholders consistently. How can teams tame complexity and live up to the expectations placed on them? There is no one size fits all when it comes to implementing an MLOps solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NLP and Machine Learning in Health-- Designing a Chatbot for PTSD Assessment.


While working on the Omdena PTSD challenge, as part of the company's AI for Good initiative, it quickly became clear to us that there are many challenges unique to the field of medicine that make it harder for chatbots to be implemented and generate value. However, through the power of community collaboration, we identified the most promising direction with great results. The scope of our chatbot depended on the ML and other challenge teams- after all, a chatbot is just a vehicle through which certain processes are sped-up and automated. After thoughtful discussions and investigations of the available data, which turned out to be very sparse (due to openness, privacy, etc.), we agreed on focusing our efforts on assisting professionals in screening refugees, veterans and other groups at high risk of PTSD and assessing the likelihood of an medical assistance being needed. Build a chatbot that will, through a conversation with people at risk, provide sufficient information for the Machine Learning team to make a PTSD risk assessment.

Annapolis Junction Systems Delivery: Tech on Tap


Join us on March 29th to discuss Cyber Security Machine Learning Pitfalls. Abstract: The limitations of current methods for cyber security and malware detection are widely recognized, and Machine Learning is one of the most promising ways of obtaining a solution. A growing plethora of free ML tools makes this an intriguing proposition, but for malware and cyber security there are a number of potential pitfalls that can make it appear you are getting good results, but will not work when deployed. This talk will give cyber and malware analysts the knowledge they need to recognize these traps ahead of time, and build better experiments to validate their models. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion to provide context on this very important technology space.

How New Features Get Added to JavaScript


JavaScript is not owned by a single organization or an entity. Then how does the language continue to evolve and keep up with changes to the technology? Moreover, there are a variety of browsers (and JavaScript engines) implementing the language. A change needs to be updated by all the browsers, which is a challenge considering they are often developed and maintained by a variety of organizations. ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) is an institution that facilitates Information Technology and Consumer Electronics standards. The scope of standardization includes software, hardware, storage, electronics etc.

E-commerce & Retail: Optimize Customer Experience with Text Analysis - Text Analysis and Sentiment Analysis Solutions - BytesView


E-commerce is an industry where businesses have to find new ways to understand and fulfill the needs of their customers. It has become more important after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. It forced brands and businesses to pursue online platforms to keep their existing customers and gain new ones. If they didn't do it, they would eventually lose customers to their competitors. But moving to an online platform is not enough to keep the customers coming for more.