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Google AdWords The Complete Guide To Take You From Zero To Hero


Google AdWords launched in 2000 (Y2K baby!) when Google was already handling 20 million searches every day. Now they handle billions per day, and AdWords has millions of advertisers using their platform to reach new customers. The Wall Street Journal estimates that 40 cents of every new digital advertising dollar in 2017 was spent on Google. Google AdWords seems pretty simple: It's online advertising on Google's search network or sites connected to it. The goal is to bring in new customers to buy your products or services based on search queries conducted by actual people. But AdWords is tough to navigate. And if you don't take advantage of all the new features and strategies, your AdWords success can turn into a nightmare. That's why we constantly update our Google AdWords 101 guide, the resource that takes you from zero to hero in no time. Let's discover what's new in may 2018!

Why SEO (Not Google Ads) Is Still the Best Choice for Your Business


When it comes to jump-starting your site traffic and growing your business, paid media can be enticing because of its ability to get your company in front of real people searching for products or services like yours. But Google Ads is the most expensive place to advertise on the internet. Anyone who chooses to run a Google Ads campaign for their business should be prepared to pay a high price: At minimum, $5 per-click, and for some keywords $50 or more. If we do the conversion math, the actual cost of pay-per-click campaigns gets even more disheartening. If you're optimistic, you can predict that 10% of your Google Ads traffic will convert (if you're realistic, less than 4%).

New AdWords Features for PPC Advertising to Win Conversions


The primary goal of most paid search campaigns is to drive lead conversions and customers. Optimize your Google AdWords account with the newly added features made available recently to make this more often the case when advertising in Google paid search. When most of your site visitors aren't familiar with your brand or product, you've a better chance to introduce yourself and to educate them about your solutions with paid advertising. When running a paid search campaign, potential customers that have never heard of your product may click your ad; then, when offered additional details through several of AdWords latest features, they may be sufficiently convinced and ready to buy. An AdWords remarketing campaign is the best way to offer follow-up conversations to individuals who have already visitied your site from an ad. First, a definition: "Ad text optimization (ATO) is the process of improving the performance of a text Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement on search engines by improving its Click Through Rate (CTR) performance both in terms of volume and quality of response, that is "more buyers, less browsers".

Google Analytics 101: Executive's guide to measuring business data


If you want to improve the experience of your website or app, or maybe you want to ensure the success of your business, you need to be analyzing user behavior.