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How AI isn't as Bad as You Think For Your Hotel - Naully Nicolas


In a world where consumers are increasingly flooded with information and a multitude of options, hotels are striving to find new ways to acquire and build customer loyalty. Simply put, artificial intelligence is a sub-field of computer science. Its goal is to enable the development of computers that are able to do things normally done by people -- in particular, things associated with people acting intelligently. The term was in 1956 by Stanford researcher John McCarthy during The Dartmouth Conference, where the core mission of the AI field was defined. Travelers expect exceptional customer service.

How cutting-edge hotels use artificial intelligence for a great guest experience


Businesses across the globe have realized how important it is to include contemporary digital technology to drive constant growth and revenue. The last decade has seen incredible innovations and breakthroughs in the landscape of digital solutions. One of such compelling technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Often misconceived as simply a replacement for human power, the concept of AI as a technological aid is more pervasive. For the hospitality industry, it has created greater trust and efficiency, showing the promise of transforming operations, customer service, and facilities through AI-powered robotics.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Hotel Experience


Over the last couple years, multiple changes within the technology space (most notably – artificial intelligence in hospitality) have brought forward a paradigm shift and disrupted a myriad of industries, leaving some players behind while simultaneously adding more value for the end users. The adoption of new emerging technologies has gone on to become quite the trend after receiving inspiration from successful use cases. In case of hotels, the real boost of artificial intelligence in hospitality sprung from the fact that it has the power to impact and transform the industry completely. Given the rising need for smart automation of existing processes, AI has entered the traditional hospitality landscape with a promise to enhance hotel reputation, drive revenue and take customer experience to the next level. Like many industrial systems, the world of hotels revolves around a handful of solutions all driven by intelligent chatbots and voice-enabled services.

Coming to a Hotel Near You: AI for Building Maintenance


The hospitality industry is trying to find the X factor to get back on top. With competitors like Airbnb entering the scene as unique places for travelers to stay and brand loyalty becoming less important to guests, hotels should tap pause and look back to the basics.

Alexa, can AI help improve the in-hotel experience?


There's no doubt that AI is a hot topic right now. Whether it's financial services or healthcare, most industries are looking to capitalize on the technology for their benefit. Looking at the hotel industry specifically, is it another example of technology looking for a problem to solve? To answer the question, we need to consider where AI is currently in use, the heady design considerations around the technology, and articulating what it could mean moving forward. In the first place, AI is not new to the travel and hospitality industry.