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Apple Watch prototype exposes the company's 'Ultra' security testing program


A video leak appears to show a Watch prototype and reveals how Apple gets such devices to developers while still keeping them under a veil of "ultra" security. Released by a leak site called Apple Demo and first discovered via The Verge, it shows a Watch development unit running a pre-WatchOS 1.0 build, complete with Apple's own internal development apps. The first thing you see is the box it came in, which is more interesting than it sounds. "This product is classified as Apple Confidential and is designated an'Ultra' security program," the label on the rear declares. "This prototype MUST be returned when recalled."

Original iPod prototype was almost as big as a MacBook


Apple's iPod was a big leap for music portability when it was initially unveiled, the company's first mp3 player having been capable of holding around 1,000 songs at once. However, the iPod wasn't always so pocket-sized and easy to carry around. Apparently it was once the size of a grocery store slab cake. App developer Panic has revealed images of an original, early Apple iPod prototype, and it looks more like a paving brick than a portable media player. While you could still technically carry this sizable device around on your commute, it would not be comfortable and people would definitely stare. Panic published the images in a blog post on Saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of the first iPod's release on Oct. 23, 2001.

Foxconn unveils three new EV prototypes


At its HHTD21 event, Foxconn unveiled three electric vehicle prototypes including two sedans and an electric bus, according to a Nikkei report and YouTube video. The company said it is "no longer the new kid in town" when it comes to EVs, and aims to develop a business worth up to $NT 1 trillion, or around $36 billion per year. Foxconn developed the EV prototypes under the Foxtron brand in collaboration with Taiwan's Yulon Motor. The latter has its own brand (Luxgen) and manufactures Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles for the local market. The prototypes include a luxury sedan, SUV and transit bus, labeled the Model E, Model C and Model T, respectively.

Microsoft's X-Shaped Xbox Prototype Resurfaces Nearly Two Decades After Unveiling

International Business Times

If you've been an avid fan of Microsoft's gaming platform, then you may have already known about the original design and form of the first Xbox console. The giant X-shaped prototype of the gaming machine was the one that was showcased at the Game Developers Conference in 2000 by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. It's been 18 years since fans laid eyes on the prototype that did not make it to the official launch of the device in 2001. The last and only time it was seen in the previous years was back in November 2016, when Microsoft games marketing chief Aaron Greenberg tweeted a video of the device. Interestingly, the unique Xbox prototype has now resurfaced.