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Stanford MBA Student, 25, Launches 3-D Printed Manicure Business With Her Friends

Forbes - Tech

Grace Chiang, 25, had long been obsessed with manicures. But during a stint at McKinsey, she never had time to get her nails done the way she wanted. So while working towards her MBA at Stanford, she launched a company,, to sell women 3-D printed manicures by subscription with two friends from school, Jooyeon Song and David Miro Llopis. It's an out-of-the-box idea for 3-D printing, but technologically there's not a lot of difference between 3-D printing a keychain and doing the same for a set of highly designed nails. The company launched in April, and has minimal sales to date, but was recently accepted into the new Stanley Techstars accelerator for additive manufacturing, the lone consumer company in the current class of 10.

Techstars hires former Microsoft Accelerator India chief for local operations


BENGALURU: US-based startup accelerator Techstars appointed the former managing director of Microsoft Accelerator India, Bala Girisaballa, as president of its India operations. Girisaballa will lead Techstars' entry into India. Techstars is looking at three major pillars to drive its India presence: its own accelerator, partnerships with corporate clients to run their accelerators, and a talent research & development, from which it will hire for its worldwide pool of startups. For its India operations, Techstars has entered into a joint venture with Bengaluru-based ANSR, which helps enterprises build and manage in-house or external accelerators and other startups-focused infrastructure. "India is such a large country, very different than when we go into any European country or Israel.

CES 2019: Cool stuff at Eureka Park


Wearables weren't as big at this year's CES as they have been in the past, probably due to the high bar the Apple Watch has set for the segment. But the smart belt from Welt, a spin-off from Samsung, points to a new direction for health and fitness tracking: waist-based, not wrist-based. The obvious benefit is that the belt measures you from a different perspective, your belly. Most of the features of the Welt are the same as a fitness tracker. But the fact that it can measure your waist several times a day could be important - if they can document the health benefits.

Barclays' Techstars Is Quietly Building A FinTech Empire

International Business Times

Since the dawn of fintech, London's historic financial hub has been the beating heart of the scene's niche ecosystem. But in a post-Brexit economy, the United Kingdom could be poised to lose its fintech crown. Tel Aviv, Israel; São Paulo and Singapore are just a few of the rising stars leading the future of high-tech financial services. So one of London's oldest banks, Barclays, is quietly diversifying and building a global fintech network. In May, the British banking giant announced it will establish Europe's largest fintech co-working space near its home base in London.

HP begins selling its mondo Jet Fusion 3D printer for offices


ORLANDO--Hewlett-Packard today began taking orders for its first 3D printer, the HP Jet Fusion printer, which it said will be up to 10 times faster than existing machines and can cut the cost of manufacturing parts in half. At the RAPID 3D additive manufacturing conference here, HP revealed two models: the lower-cost and lower production 3200 series and the 4200 series, for which it is now taking orders. The 4200 series will begin shipping to manufacturers in October; the 3200 series will be available in mid-2017. HP originally unveiled its Jet Fusion printer in October 2014. HPs 4200 series Jet Fusion printer (left) and post processing station.