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Nintendo's Super Mario iPhone Game Comes Out Today

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The wait is over, Mario fans: Nintendo is about to officially release Super Mario Run. The game will be available on both the iPhone and iPad today, Dec. 15, in 151 different countries and regions. While there's a free demo included in the game, full access costs $9.99. That's steep for a mobile game, but Super Mario Run doesn't feature any in-app purchases, like many mobile games do. That means once you pay the $10 or so, you'll have the full game.

Nintendo To Bring 'Super Mario Run' Mobile Game To iPhones This Holiday Season

International Business Times

During the Apple Keynote event on Sept. 7, a surprise Mario game was announced by Nintendo. Super Mario Run is a simple mobile game will allow for players to control Mario's jumping as the plumber runs through his classic side scrolling levels. With a simple tap, you can have Mario jump over obstacles and enemies while collecting coins and power ups. You'll want to reach the flag on each level and make your way through each world, just like a classic Super Mario game. There's a new battle mode called Toad Rally that you can choose an opponent to beat their high score.

'Super Mario' makes his smartphone debut December 15

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That's when Super Mario will make his smartphone debut. Nintendo announced Tuesday it will release the mobile game Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad next month. Players can download the game for free, and try certain portions of it without paying. Unlocking the full game will cost $9.99. Super Mario Run is among the category of running games similar to Temple Run, where the character runs on their own, and players must tap the touchscreen to jump over obstacles and swipe left or right to dodge.

Review: 'Super Mario Run' Is the Perfect Mobile Mario Game, Almost

TIME - Tech

This was not supposed to happen. The world pleaded, cajoled and bullyragged Nintendo into putting Mario on smartphones. All-knowing Carnac-like analysts wouldn't shut up about the idea even as the masterminds behind some of gaming's most enduring franchises repeatedly balked. But with Super Mario Run, a $10 vamp on Nintendo's iconic series about a turtle-clobbering plumber out for iOS devices Dec. 15, it's finally happened. And, yes, Super Mario Run is knock-your-socks-off good.

When Will 'Super Mario Run' Come Out On Android?

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This is not going to end well for ol' Mario. Warning: don't expect a definitive answer here. Super Mario Run, a flawed but ultimately fun and faithful adaptation of the legendary franchise for iOS, is burning up the world of mobile gaming for a moment. Or at least, some portion of the world of mobile gaming, I should say.