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Save over £100 on this comprehensive Google AdWords course


TL;DR: The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords is on sale for £10.23 as of July 23, saving you 93% on list price. When it comes to online discovery, Google Search reigns king. At the core of Google Search is the ability for people to find where to go, what to do, and what to buy, making it one of the most important ad platforms out there. And if you're in the business of attracting customers to your website, you could be missing out on thousands, if not millions, of prospective customers if you aren't optimising specifically for the search engine. Google AdWords is a way for businesses to grow sales and overall customer engagement by targeting valuable, qualified users.

Google sets machine learning loose on new 'Smart' display campaigns


Automation isn't new to display campaigns on the Google Display Network, but with the new Smart display campaigns, it's not just the creative that's automated. Targeting, bidding and the ads all run on autopilot powered by machine learning. The system pulls advertiser-provided headlines, descriptions, logos and images to create responsive text, display and native ads. Bids are set, based on Target CPAs, for each auction as the system determines the likelihood of conversion. Trivago, Hulu Japan and Credit Karma were among the beta testers for this new campaign type.

Google said it took down ten influence operation campaigns in Q2 2020


Here is a step-by-step guide to reducing your digital footprint online, whether you want to lock down data or vanish entirely. Google has published today the second edition of its TAG Bulletin, a report that details all the coordinated influence operation campaigns that have been discovered taking place on Google-owned platform. The report was authored by the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a division inside Google's security department that tracks nation-state and high-end cybercrime groups, and was compiled based on Google's own investigations, but also tips and reports received from third-parties, such as social media analysis firm Graphika, cyber-security firm FireEye, the Atlantic Council investigation unit, and other social networks. The latest TAG Bulletin covers influence ops takedowns that have taken place in the second quarter of this year, between April and June 2020. Per Google, this quarter, the company had shut down multiple influence operation campaigns ran out of Russia, China, Iran, and Tunisia.

Foreign hackers who targeted Trump, Biden campaigns are turning to malware, Google says

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Foreign hackers who have been trying to hack the Biden and Trump campaigns are now using fake McAfee and YouTube videos and Dropbox-based malware, Google said in a report. After revealing in June that Chinese and Iranian hackers attempted phishing against the personal email accounts of staffers on the Biden and Trump campaigns, Google outlined other Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), a term usually reserved for nation-state actors. "As part of our wider tracking of APT31 activity, we've also seen them deploy targeted malware campaigns," Google said in its report.