Amazon to sell more Apple products, but there's a catch


Apple-heads and Amazon stans have cause for celebration, as the two most valuable companies in the world announced a plan to come together and solve the global problem of not being able to buy the latest iPhone models on the e-retailer's site. That's right, according to Bloomberg, soon you'll no longer have to head over to to purchase a whole host of Apple products including the iPhone XR, the iPad, the Apple Watch, the Mac, or even the Apple TV. Instead, you can keep your browser forever parked at for all your online shopping needs. Well, unless you're one of the several people in the market for a HomePod, that is. That's because Amazon, which of course has its own home speaker and smart-assistant device, will not make Apple's version available for sale.

Mobile Customer Experience: It's About More Than the App


Mobile devices continue to redefine how people communicate, seek information, and go about the tasks of daily life. Meeting consumers' growing expectations may require marketers to rethink their mobile apps' capabilities--as well as their broader business systems and processes.

In 2018, Data Will Put the Human Back into Human Experience


In this article, Part 1 of the latest in his series exclusive to Data Makes Possible, Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton, explains the importance and value proposition of improving the human experience in the digital enterprise, and why the year of experience must include customers, end-users, employees, and any other stakeholders. A few years ago, I heard someone describe their data product in this way: "analytics at the speed of your business." Well, no disrespect intended, but I think they got the message backwards. Because business is no longer able to keep up with the flood of data that is coming in, from forces and sources everywhere: social, mobile, internet, intranet, images, video, audio, and documents. Consequently, what you really need is business at the speed of your data!

OnePlus and O2 celebrate the OnePlus 3T launch in London


One of the best mobile phones on the market just got even better. The OnePlus 3T is an upgraded addition to the company's premium flagship OnePlus 3 smartphone lineup. And OnePlus, one of a select few technology companies with such a strong community-focused mission, teamed up with O2 to celebrate its launch with a one-day pop-up event on 24 November at 123 Oxford Street in London. More than 100 people braved cold weather to join the queue to get into the event, and the O2 angels were on hand to give out snacks and drinks. T-shirts and backpacks were given out as well, but the giveaways of the day were two OnePlus 3Ts.

Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data: Maribel Lopez: 9781118847350: Books


Maribel Lopez writes that businesses can profit from the rise of mobile devices and social media, coupled with Big Data and cloud computing, to deliver the right kinds of experiences (buying experiences, service experiences) when and where customers need or want them. Figure 3.2 on page 59 suggests 9 ways of looking at the context of delivering a "right-time experience," based on: location, type of device (smartphone or smart watch, for instance), behavior (including past and future), weather, environmental conditions (humid? Mobile-equipped customers want, need, and expect more individualized delivery, a profit opportunity for companies ready to adapt to this new era.