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MotoGP 2017: Ducati hopes machine learning will return its new bike to winning ways


The Internet of Things might be the next big thing for our homes, but it's beginning to play a bigger role in motorsport too. After announcing an IoT-based partnership with Williams earlier this year, Accenture has now announced it will be helping the Ducati MotoGP team develop its 2017 challenger and hopefully return the team to winning ways. Accenture's latest project involves two of the most important parts of vehicle development – simulations and data collection – and combines them both to make R&D an even faster, more intuitive process. During testing at least, bikes have around 100 IoT sensors onboard, measuring everything from tyre temperature to oil pressure and much more, and after each run, engineers must sift through the numbers, and work out what to do next. Simply put, Accenture's Integrated Machine Learning software essentially works by learning real-world data, and then producing its own educated predictions.

Here is everything you want to know about Sports Analytics - Dataconomy


If we're talking about sports analytics, I have to bring up the "Moneyball" reference. Honestly speaking though, sports analytics has come a really long way from the times of Moneyball. Moneyball got the ball rolling, and, boy! has the ball gathered enormous momentum today. Better technology surprisingly advanced real-time video data capture and with advanced analytics evolving all the time, sports analytics has become one of the most dynamic fields. How powerful can Sports Analytics be?

MotoGP: Marc Marquez dislocates shoulder after winning third title in Japan

BBC News

Spaniard Marc Marquez won a fifth MotoGP title - his third in a row - then suffered a bizarre shoulder injury when celebrating victory in Japan. The victory gave Marquez his eighth win of the season at his team's home track. Luckily with the adrenalin it doesn't hurt, but I'll need to be careful not to overdo it on the dancefloor tonight," he said. Redding said: "Once we were rivals, big rivals, now we have nothing but respect and fun. Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso was his main title rival but the Italian slid off while in second on the penultimate lap.

British Grand Prix: MotoGP boss blames new Silverstone track for cancellation

BBC News

Sunday's British GP at Silverstone was cancelled as "a direct result" of a new track surface laid in February, MotoGP race director Mike Webb has claimed. The race, scheduled for 11:30 BST, was called off just after 16:00 because of heavy rain and standing water. "We've had a number of years' experience here in very wet conditions recently with the old surface and have been able to run races," Webb said. Silverstone's management says a full investigation will be launched. The circuit's managing director, Stuart Pringle, added: "All the work we have done here to make Silverstone a better place for motorcycle racing has been done with the best of intentions.

Rentokil Uses Mobile Machine Learning from Accenture and Google to Fight Bugs Fast


NEW YORK; Mar. 8, 2017 – Rentokil, a global pest control company based in the UK, is piloting an Artificial Intelligence app developed by Accenture to help its almost 5,000 pest control technicians fight bugs faster for customers. The solution utilizes a partnership announced last year, when Accenture and Google joined forces to bring to market industry-specific solutions that help clients use cloud, mobility, machine learning and analytics to advance their digital transformation agenda and improve business performance. Rentokil technicians are some of the best trained in the industry but even they come across unusual insects that they can't identify. As part of a larger rollout of new Android mobile devices and apps to its field service workers, Rentokil took advantage of Accenture's alliance with Google to solve their business challenge through an innovative mobile app that identifies pests and automatically presents information, customer recommendations, and treatment plans. The Android app, called PestID and built by Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital, uses Google's CloudML image classification technology to help field technicians identify and treat pest problems quickly and efficiently.