A 3D-printed autonomous car, and more in the week that was


That's the idea behind Local Motors' latest vehicle, which features a 3D-printed body, a windshield video screen and no steering wheel. Meanwhile, OX launched the world's first all-terrain flat-pack truck, which can be quickly shipped anywhere in the world. Cannae Corporation announced plans to test an "impossible" zero-exhaust microwave thruster that could revolutionize space travel. And Electra Meccanica launched SOLO, an affordable three-wheeled electric vehicle for one. In energy news, this week Sonos Motors announced plans to debut a solar-powered car within two years, and Soel Yachts unveiled a sun-powered motorboat that glides through the water without making a sound.

Spacewalking Cosmonauts Release 3-D-Printed Satellite

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They promptly released five nanosatellites by hand. The casing of the first one tossed overboard was made entirely with a 3-D printer. Researchers want to see how 3-D-made parts weather the space environment. The others have traditional spacecraft parts.

Want Custom 3D-printed Soles For Your Shoes? Now, You Can Get Them From Ryka


Your foot is unlike anyone else's, so why wear a shoe meant for anyone and everyone? That appears to be the question driving the new partnership between footwear technology company Sols and women's athletic shoe brand Rykä. Moving forward, Rykä will offer shoes that integrate Sols' 3D-printed orthotics, which are created using the MAPP3D customization platform.

Behold: The World's First Freeform 3D-Printed House Might Look Like This

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The winning design consists of two central components: an interior core and exterior skin. The open-plan, light-filled interior living spaces satisfy lighting requirements via passive solar design strategies and connect occupants to the exterior spaces and nature itself. The "exterior skin" comprises intricate archways, an organic structure harmonious with the surrounding environment.

Toyota's concept for the next generation has a 3D-printed dash


Toyota is looking to the future of car ownership with its latest concept, the uBox, which it created in collaboration with graduate students at Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research. The carmaker imagines uBox customers as entrepreneurs and members of "generation Z" -- the vehicle is designed to be fluid, transforming from a recreational vehicle into a kind of mobile office via a reconfigurable interior. Owners would be able to customize the vents, dashboard display fixtures and door trim with 3D printing, plus there would be an online hub for people to share their designs. The uBox has a curved glass roof and 110-volt sockets along the inside and outside of the vehicle so Gen-Z-ers can power their electronics, too.