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Teaching an upper-level undergraduate robotics course at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is challenging. The lack of suitable teaching materials is one of the biggest challenges, although there are many great masterpieces in developing robotics course materials, which are, however, generally developed for teaching students at elite Research I universities. This paper presents ideas and details in adopting and revising these course materials and creating upper-level undergraduate robotics course materials that are suitable for underrepresented students.

Cal State Northridge students rally to protect cross-cultural courses

Los Angeles Times

Mutia is among the students and faculty members now worried that their university's rich array of courses on gender, race and ethnicity could be threatened by systemwide rules concerning graduation requirements. Many of them protested Thursday, disrupting an outdoor welcome ceremony for new students at Oviatt Lawn outside the main library. They interrupted speakers in academic regalia with chants against the rules, pumped their fists and waved signs that read "Keep Diversity in Our University" and "Defend Sacred Knowledge."

AI is here to stay, but are we sacrificing safety and privacy? A free public Seattle U course will explore that


The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is here: self-driving cars, grocery-delivering drones and voice assistants like Alexa that control more and more of our lives, from the locks on our front doors to the temperatures of our homes. For example, should an autonomous vehicle swerve into a pedestrian or stay its course when facing a collision? These questions plague technology companies as they develop AI at a clip outpacing government regulation, and have led Seattle University to develop a new ethics course for the public. Launched last week, the free, online course for businesses is the first step in a Microsoft-funded initiative to merge ethics and technology education at the Jesuit university. Seattle U senior business-school instructor Nathan Colaner hopes the new course will become a well-known resource for businesses "as they realize that [AI] is changing things," he said.

sfree: Learn the basics of artificial intelligence for free


A free online course developed by The University of Helsinki and the Reaktor agency aims to demystify and educate people in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in our everyday lives. In its many forms, it is responsible for the quality of photos we take with our smartphones or for the comfort we feel while shopping online. To help people better understand its basics, the University of Helsinki and the Reaktor agency launched a series of free online courses called Elements of AI. The program aims to explain what artificial intelligence means, what it can and can't do, how it works, and how it will affect us in the future.