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Affordable Patent Applications Free Consultations 800-528-1997


IDP Patent Services is a leading provider of high-quality affordable patent application services. Call us today at 800-528-1997 for a free consultation! We work with patent application clients US nationwide, as well as with international clients seeking patent protection in the United States. We also offer international patenting, including PCT patent applications. Most services are provided on a fixed fee or capped fee basis in order to provide cost-efficient patent and IP protection for our clients.

Nike hiring Software Engineer I in Beaverton, Oregon, United States


At Nike, we understand that consumer trust is the true currency of our data-driven world. As we expand our digital advantage to unlock a new era of consumer services, experiences and solutions, we will be guided by our core belief that consumers' trust is earned, not given. We work hard to maintain this trust every day. By embedding the new centralized OAuth 2.0 compliant authorization across all Nike services and by investing in secure high-quality data, platforms, and models to create unbreakable relationships, we ensure that as we innovate, we do so with the consumer at the center. We create the future of sport together If you're ready to innovate and lead in the Digital space, join Nike's Global Technology organization.

Sixgill Announces HyperLabel, The Fastest Path To Implementing Machine Learning


HyperLabel--a new desktop data labeling application for Machine Learning (ML) just announced by Sixgill, LLC--offers the fastest path to creating high-quality labeled datasets for better ML models. With HyperLabel, there's no need to upload files to an external service. Users retain complete ownership, privacy and control of their data, while accelerating project onboarding and completion with quick and easy usability anchored on the desktop. It's all cloud-free, highly scalable and locally installed. HyperLabel is designed to be fast, easy and accurate, from setup to label export.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings Machine Learning, Open Source, Security, and Big Data to Mobile App Testing


BOSTON, Aug. 3, 2016 – AnDevCon – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced the availability of HPE Mobile Center 2.0, an integrated software development testing suite designed to help organizations rapidly build, test, and deliver high-quality mobile applications. HPE Mobile Center leverages HPE Haven OnDemand, HPE Fortify on Demand, and open source testing tools including Selenium and Appium, allowing developers to test any app operation and cover any user scenario. To significantly scale the number of devices that are tested, HPE Mobile Center is now integrated with Amazon Web Services Device Farm (AWS Device Farm) – a service that helps mobile app developers quickly and securely test their apps on smartphones, tablets, and other devices to improve the quality of their Android and iOS apps. HPE is expanding Mobile Center capabilities to provide users with a predictable and repeatable mechanism for testing, monitoring, and improving any mobile app. The integration with HPE Haven OnDemand and HPE Fortify on Demand provides development teams with powerful capabilities that leverage machine learning from testing data and user feedback to help guide the application development direction, with security built in from the beginning.

Top 50 Offshore Software Development Companies


Are you searching for a trustworthy technology partner for your business? Don't worry, you have hit the right place. We did our ground research and came up with the 50 top-performing offshore software development companies. These companies have a splendid history and help you build strong solutions assisting businesses manage their jobs more efficiently and effectively. After reading this post, you will definitely find a partner for your business fitting all your requirements. With a hefty focus on mobile and web development, it also offers enterprise software, CMS solutions, EMC systems, and portals for the marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, and telecommunication industries. It has been assisting fast-growing tech companies and startups with a talent pool of 2700 experienced senior-level, dedicated teams of developers. Their clients grow and make successful and scalable products that users love. They work across almost every corner of the map to nail their upcoming project. The main focus of their dedicated developers is'YOURS'. It has partnerships with Adobe, SVB, Google Cloud, and AWS. They are best known for guiding their clients from an idea to its technical application. Skelia is an international BPO and ICT services company established in 2008 by Belgian entrepreneurs.