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Save $600 on this massive VIZIO 75-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV at Walmart


There are hundreds of great TVs out there, so we know it's tough to find the best one for you. However, we just found one that might hit the mark for everything you're looking for in a brand new 4K TV. The VIZIO 75-inch Class P-Series 4K HDR Smart TV is now on sale for $1,698, or $600 off its list price, at Walmart. Usually going for $2,298, this 4K TV from VIZIO features a massive 75-inch edge-to-edge "Infinity Edge" display with crystal clear image reproduction, vivid colors, and deep blacks that will surely impress anyone who watches a movie or TV show on it. VIZIO boasts more than one billion colors and over 8 million pixels with color accurate images and lively tones and hues, but that's just fancy talk for an immersive TV-watching experience.

This Vizio TV is one of the brightest we've ever seen

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But it's not just the P-Series Quantum X's picture-quality-to-price-tag ratio that makes it a good choice; it's also packed to the gills with future-facing features that make it the perfect centerpiece for a new home theater. It supports Dolby Vision, various HDMI 2.1 gaming-centric features, and eARC for high-resolution audio pass through. The only downsides are its ho-hum design and its lackluster smart platform, but the latter can be addressed with the purchase of an external streaming device. Simply put, the Vizio P-Series Quantum X is an excellent top-shelf TV that manages to cost less than just about everything else on its shelf--and it does so without sacrificing performance. Editor's note: Due to COVID-19 complications, this review leans heavily on test results in lieu of hands-on time with the TV.

Vizio courts cord cutters, challenges OLED, and adds new HDR options to its 2018 smart TV lineup


"We're all about being disruptive," said Vizio product manager Carlos Angulo at the manufacturer's 2018 product introductions in New York this week. And clearly, Vizio is on its game again with new 4K smart TV lines boasting higher specs at razor-sharp (i.e., low) profit margins. For starters, all four of its smart TV collections (D-, E-, M-, and P-series) now support a multiplicity of HDR signal coding formats that crank up picture color and contrast: Not just with the 4K-mandated HDR-10 standard, but also the more aggressive (frame-by-frame image-adjusting) Dolby Vision format as well as the new-kid-on-the block HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). Still in the test phase in the U.S., Angulo said HLG is the most efficiently coded and the only format for expanding picture range "that's suitable for on-the-fly live sports events." Angulo said those are the reasons "why cable and satellite TV services are getting behind it."

Here are the most exciting TVs coming in 2019

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CES 2019--the world's biggest consumer electronics show–just wrapped up last week, and once again brought with it a huge slew of news about huge TVs. While any videophiles following this year's CES have probably heard about the arrival of 8K TVs and LG's crazy rollable OLED TV, the less flashy stuff sometimes falls by the wayside. But the less flashy stuff is also the stuff most people will be buying! Here's everything I know about the 2019 TV landscape right now, organized by manufacturer, and a little bit about the technology and trends we'll likely see this year. So if you're thinking about upgrading your TV this year, or just aren't sure what the deal with Dolby Vision is, here's what's going on.

Vizio's latest 4K TVs make eye-popping HDR more affordable


The eye-popping highlights and detailed shadows of HDR video no longer demand thousands of dollars, thanks to Vizio's latest M-Series TVs*. The 2016 Vizio M-Series starts at 850 for a 50-inch TV. Other models include a 55-inch set for 1000, a 60-inch set for 1250, a 65-inch set for 1500, a 70-inch set for 2000, and an 80-inch set for 4000. All sizes support HDR, short for high-dynamic range, which allows for a brighter display with greater range between light and dark images. Vizio is partnering with Dolby Vision, whose HDR enhancements are available on Vudu and a handful of Netflix videos.