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Difference Between Machine Learning And Deep Learning


Understanding how artificial intelligence works may seem to be highly overwhelming, but it all comes down to two concepts, machine learning, and deep learning. These two terms are usually used interchangeably assuming they both mean the same, but they are not. Both the terms are not new to us, but the way they are utilized to describe intelligent machines has always been changing.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning : What's the difference


Artificial Intelligence has many things to offer. The whole concept of Artificial Intelligence revolves around 2 concepts and they are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Many of us think both of them are the same, But no we are wrong. Here in this blog, you will get a clear idea about what is Machine Learning and what is Deep Learning. Both of them are not new for us, but the way they are utilized to describe the intelligent machines are changing day by day.

How Machine Learning In Dentistry Can Improve The Dental Imaging Anal…


AI in healthcare is now playing a life-sustaining role helping people to get the accurate treatment with timely diagnosis of various types of diseases. Similarly, machine learning in healthcare is becoming more imperative covering more types of disorders in the body helping people take precautions and well- timed treatments. Machine Learning (ML) in dentistry for dental image analysis is playing an important role to find out the conditions of teeth helping 2. doctors to recommend the right treatment. But there is more improvements required in this sub-field of healthcare sector. Actually, machine learning algorithms is lying under the hood of high-quality medical training data sets, and with further advances in parallel computing and augmentation of training data sets ML will improve the dental image analysis.

Machine Learning: Digital Transformation Trend


The year 2018 was marked by numerous positive developments for infsoft. At DMEA – Connecting Digital Health, Europe's largest health IT event, we presented our digital applications for all areas of the healthcare industry.

Why Machine Learning with Python is the Best Career Option Nowadays?


Machine Learning has become one of the booming career options that are highly sought after in the job market. That is why there are many institutes offering Machine Learning courses in Delhi. Companies are striving hard to make the most out of emerging technologies. The most wonderful thing about machine learning is its unlimited applicability. Hardly there is any field today where machine learning does not apply.