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Add life to your video projects with this discounted visual effects library


TL;DR: The ActionVFX Ultimate Video Visual Effects Bundle is on sale for £28.63 as of March 20, saving you 92% on list price. Whether you're working on a short film, a music video, a business advertisement, or even an Instagram Reel, visual effects can make all the difference. If you want to create something that stands out, the aesthetics need to stop people in their tracks. This visual effects library from ActionVFX has lots of useful assets. With just a bit of dragging and dropping, this package can give your scenes cutting-edge visuals in seconds.

Hollywood's go-to visual effects company

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The opening 17 minutes of the 2013 science fiction thriller film Gravity amazed cinemagoers.

Watch the visual effects for 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' come to life


One of the most entertaining aspects of Ant-Man and The Wasp was how the film played with the characters' shrinking and growing powers. Marvel obviously relied on CGI to turn that building into a roller suitcase and that Helly Kitty pez dispenser into a massive weapon, but we could only guess how much of each scene was real and how much were visual effects. Now, Rodeo, the VFX company behind all those fun scenes, have given us a glimpse into how they were shot and which parts of the set had to be covered in green screen. The video also gives you a idea of how the company blew up and shrank Hank's cars and how it designed the team's ant friends. It's a short but informative look at how Hollywood creates movies that depend so much on computer graphics -- more specifically, how Marvel shoots the action-packed sfx-rich entries to its cinematic universe.

These 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 visual effects will take your breath away


The amount of work that goes into a show like Game of Thrones -- particularly a single battle sequence -- is pretty insane. SEE ALSO: 6 ways safety could have been improved in that epic'Game of Thrones' battle It's crazy what you can do with a green screen and a few computers. This British man's'Game of Thrones' impressions are a thing of beauty Irish step dancer uses her fast feet to pay homage to'Hamilton'

Visual effects behind Thor: Ragnarok

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He explains how characters like the Hulk and Korg were brought to life.