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We've all heard it before: is automation really better? In some cases, such as recruitment sourcing, it can actually be the key to your success. Your HR department is busy. No matter how much time your hiring manager actually has to dedicate to sourcing, it is never enough. Automated talent systems, also sometimes called automated recruitment software, are designed to help you identify the candidates that you need and select the best person for the job.

How enterprise companies are changing recruitment with AI - JAXenter


In the world of enterprises, AI technology plays a significant role. According to the recent study by PwC, 72% of executives believe that this technology will proffer sizeable advantages for enterprise companies in the near future. Not only this, but it can also make every area of business less of a headache. AI has already set its sights on hiring or recruitment process. More enterprise companies are looking forward to the use of AI-solutions to accelerate their work process and mitigate shortfalls.

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A recent report by Harvard Business Review cited that close to 71 percent of CEOs view human capital as the topmost factor for sustainable economic value, while according to 43 percent, investing in people is a major priority. However, it hasn't been an easy job for the recruiters to tap the right talent for the jobs on list. According to a survey by worldwide recruiter Hays, organizations are expected to hire in high volumes in 2018, but their plans may get hampered due to shortage of skills that they are looking for. As a result, employers and recruiters are continually working towards improving the ways of sourcing, hiring and retaining the best talent. Recruitment continues to be one of the toughest problems that businesses are facing today – one of the reasons being the right candidates are unaware of the opportunities that are suitable for them.

Find Talent for Your Business Smarter Using These Tools


There's no question that digital tech has dramatically changed our world. In the workplace, however, this technology can either amplify or hinder your productivity. The recruitment space is no exception. In fact, new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are truly revolutionizing this space at a blistering pace. With so much tech out there, it's difficult to find software that actually adds value to your recruitment needs.

Using Predictive Analytics to Recruit Top Talent


Historical data can be an authoritative source of intel for a company looking to make smarter and faster decisions. When efficiencies are possible, it's best to use the tools available to achieve them. Today's recruiters need a more efficient workflow, which is driving the advancements being made in hiring tools, including the introduction of predictive analytics. In recent years, predictive analytics have become an essential tool for any recruiter looking to acquire top talent. Predictive analytics (PA) is the use of historical data to make better decisions for the future using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).