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How Will AI Tools Affect Recruitment in the Near Future?


If you've been following Agency Central for a while, you might have read our thoughts on how AI-powered software is changing the recruitment industry. Well, in the few short years since that article was written, AI recruitment tech has taken considerable leaps forward! To bring our knowledge right up to date, we decided to take a fresh look at AI in recruitment. And, to get a clearer picture of how this intelligent technology may shape the industry's future, we approached some of the recruitment experts in our network for their predictions. So, if you'd like to know all about the AI tools disrupting the industry right now – and some of the exciting developments still in the pipeline, read on… Machine learning allows computers to expand their understanding and library of knowledge without the input of a programmer.

Will Recruiters Be A Thing of The Past?: AI and Recruitment


We've all been privy to the ongoing debate about the future impact of AI on jobs (which we discussed in a post here) and you're probably watching with interest, aren't we all? Sure, there are those Doomsday prophets that shout from the top of their lungs that we'll end up being ruled by our AI overlords and others that see the benefits of automating menial processes. As with any major technological advancements in history there is reticence, but today we're going to have a look at the fate of Recruitment as it faces the inevitable introduction of AI. With the gradual introduction of AI in all facets of life it's clear that professionals will need to start adapting and that some roles will become obsolete while new roles will arise. Will Recruitment become a thing of the past in the next 5-10 years?

AI enables HR to accelerate the recruitment process


Imagine yourself as a recruiter, with a super-reliable agent – let us call him Man Friday (like the fable) – by your side. Friday is the assistant I need now! Before you get all excited, Friday is no human – Friday is Artificial Intelligence (AI), the manifestation of the future where AI makes our lives easier and better. But what if AI does not stay your assistant for too long, and instead becomes your replacement? Is this a possible scenario?

Future Recruitment: Predictions, Tech & Trends - Rule Recruitment


Technology is advancing faster than you can imagine. But how will it affect you? Is there a place in the future for recruiters? Will you be replaced by artificial intelligence? When is the robot uprising due?

Will robots replace the recruiter? - hartigan recruitment


It seems that every week brings fresh reports of another industry conquered by bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), so how long before we at Hartigan are forced into a career change – one that will no doubt require us to engage one of the new "robo recruiters"? It would be easy for us to dismiss robotics as entirely irrelevant to our industry, but there are two problems with that. First, there's the unconvincing whiff of Mandy Rice-Davies Applies; and secondly, it's facile to suggest that developments such as machine learning and predictive analytics have no benefits to offer the recruitment industry. It's obvious that automation can bring significant improvements for recruiters and the candidates they seek to place. From our side, we just have to think of the time spent sifting through LinkedIn and sheaves of CVs, a task that could certainly benefit from robotic assistance to find the right candidates for any particular role.