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First impressions do matter – especially when it comes to hiring. That's why Jobscience online recruitment software packages your candidate profiles into a clean, colorful, easy-to-read Presentation that you can send to clients.

Three Things Every Recruitment Business Needs To Know About AI


The 3 things every recruitment business needs to do to unleash the AI beast and turn their businesses into a world beater! This week I talked with Alistair Rynish, CEO at the international recruitment agency First Point Group about the need to embrace change if you want to be a top recruitment business. In the interview, I got Alistair's take on how AI and other technologies are affecting how he does business and he confirmed that he is starting to see AI technologies being integrated into the recruitment process which will change how recruitment businesses operate. Some of the major benefits to be gained by recruitment agencies through the adoption of AI include time saving, productivity gains and speed in delivering results to clients. For example, how much time does a recruiter spend sifting through CVs per successful placement?

Why you should be embracing AI, not fearing it


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How Will AI Tools Affect Recruitment in the Near Future?


If you've been following Agency Central for a while, you might have read our thoughts on how AI-powered software is changing the recruitment industry. Well, in the few short years since that article was written, AI recruitment tech has taken considerable leaps forward! To bring our knowledge right up to date, we decided to take a fresh look at AI in recruitment. And, to get a clearer picture of how this intelligent technology may shape the industry's future, we approached some of the recruitment experts in our network for their predictions. So, if you'd like to know all about the AI tools disrupting the industry right now – and some of the exciting developments still in the pipeline, read on… Machine learning allows computers to expand their understanding and library of knowledge without the input of a programmer.