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You don't have to choose between Alexa and Google--here's how they work together

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For those of us building a smart home, we all face the same problem: Which digital assistant to use? Between the vast libraries of skills and abilities of the two biggest players, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it can be tough to choose. But the good news is that you actually don't have to. You can comfortably live with both assistants under one roof thanks to these helpful tips. You've got a Google Home at one end of the living room and the best Echo speaker, Amazon's Echo (third-generation) at the other--which one is worth talking to all the time? Both Google Assistant and Alexa offer plenty of connected home prowess.

Google's first Smart Displays 1% DIGITAL


Google propelled Smart Displays, another class of gadgets for the shrewd home that conveys the Google Assistant to an intelligent screen for a more extravagant visual experience. Also, the primary Smart Display from Lenovo will go marked down in major U.S. retail and online stores this end of the week.

Project Jacquard – Levi's Smart Jacket Ready To Go On Sale


Thanks to Google's I/O 2016, we have some official Project Jacquard news to share with you. Google has confirmed that a new smart jacket, made in collaboration with Levi's is going to hit the stores next year. Continue reading Project Jacquard – Levi's Smart Jacket Ready To Go On Sale

How to watch Disney on Google smart displays

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Have you heard the good news? Disney is available to stream on Google smart displays, just like many other popular streaming services including Netflix and Hulu. Technically you've always been able to watch Disney on a Google smart display (like the Nest Hub Max) by casting from another device, but that's not quite as smooth as calling out, "Hey Google, play Hamilton on Disney ." With the new update, it's easier than ever to catch up on all of your favorite movies and more when your Disney account is connected to a Google smart display--all you have to do is ask. Here's how to watch Disney using your Google-enabled smart display.

Behind the Smart Gadgets, Amazon and Google Are Waging War

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Google has plastered digital billboards and the Las Vegas Monorail with the "Hey Google" wake-up command. It's announced a range of new gadgets featuring its assistant on everything from smart displays to pressure cookers. And it's sent out the clowns -- a jumpsuit-wearing army of advertising associates wearing brightly-colored Converse sneakers and hovering around partner firms' booths to explain how Google's technology works.