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MSI unveils Vortex W25 desktop workstation


For professionals who need a workstation that can fit into the tightest of spaces, MSI has unveiled the Vortex W25, the world's first 2.5L desktop powered by Nvidia's Quadro P5200 GPU. See also: iPhone battery life bad after installing iOS11.3? Here's what you can do Backing up the professional-grade graphics will be Intel's 8th generation Core i7 processors packing six cores of computing power, which are up to 30 percent more powerful than the previous generation silicon. The Vortex W25 can be kitted out with up to 64-gigabytes of RAM, and on the storage front it can support two NVMe M.2 SSDs and a single 2.5-inch hard drive. All this hardware is fitted into a 2.5L (liter) 5.5 pound console-style enclosure, and comes with VESA mount support, allowing for it t be attached to the back of displays to save desk space.

Dell Precision workstations


Data Scientists need powerful computing resources to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. Dell's Precision line, the world's number one workstation provider, has come together with NVIDIA and other leading technology providers, like Canonical, to deliver a fully integrated AI hardware and software solution. The Dell Data Science Workstation (DSW), a new product line from Dell, delivers the data science platform you need with the performance and reliability the world expects from Dell workstations.

Nvidia's Quadro Virtual Workstations are now available on Azure


Nvidia today announced that its Quadro Virtual Machine Workstation (vWS) is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The promise of the Quadro vWS is to allow businesses to run high-end graphics applications in the cloud, using any of Nvidia's high-end and mid-level cloud GPUs like the P100, V100, P4 or P40. For the Azure cloud, this specifically means that the Quadro vWS can use Nvidia's Tesla GPUs with 24GB of frame buffer per GPU. "We're focused on delivering the best and broadest range of GPU-accelerated capabilities in the public cloud," said Talal Alqinaw, senior director of Microsoft Azure, in today's announcement. "NVIDIA Quadro vWS expands customer choice of GPU offerings on Azure to bring powerful professional workstations in the cloud to meet the needs of the most demanding applications from any device, anywhere."

ASUS's new StudioBook S is a portable workstation for creators


ASUS's new ZenBooks are pretty solidly spec'd, but sometimes you need some serious power to get your work done. That's where the company's new StudioBook S comes from: sleekness and portability were priorities, but the company was arguably more concerned with squeezing as much power as it could into a notebook. Not a huge surprise from a company that takes gaming as seriously as ASUS does -- this time, though, the Taiwanese PC maker is setting its sights on creatives. ASUS considers machines like Dell's Precision line and Lenovo's ThinkPads to the StudioBook's closest competitors, but those are notebooks generally built with business in mind. That's not to say the StudioBook wasn't, but when ASUS uses the word "workstation," it's using a slightly different definition of the word "work."

Lenovo rounds out its ThinkStation refresh with affordable workstations


Lenovo announced plans on Tuesday to round out its ThinkStation desktop refresh with a new budget-friendly workstation called the P410, as well as an upgrade to the P510. Both workstations are focused on delivering as much power as possible without breaking the bank. Of course, that's hard to judge when official pricing has yet to be released. The P410 can run Intel's Xeon E5-1600 v4 series, which offers processors with up to 8 cores and clock speeds that top out at 3.7GHz. The Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 series is also an option.