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Tech Trader


Tech Trader is a fully autonomous trading system live across thousands of stocks with no human intervention or updates, now for over 8 years. It is unique from conventional algorithmic systems, not only because it actually is fully automated, but because it takes a "human" approach to markets. It is not quant. It is not stat-arb. It is not high frequency. It is a program that looks at stocks the same way a person does but with the cold discipline and infinite attention span of a machine. It is analogous to having a thousand independent traders each focusing on a single stock, as opposed to a single quant manager trying to make sense of a thousand datapoints. A person doesn't think through stats, correlations, or complex math models when trading, and neither does Tech Trader. Whereas a quant might crunch a thousand variables to cross the street, Tech Trader just looks down the street to see there is no car. Tech Trader leverages technology to do what human traders do at scale rather than approach markets from the point of view of an academic, mathematician, or scientist. Since its launch in Dec 2012, Tech Trader has been trading live capital completely on its own, fully automated in the truest sense with no human input, no tweaking, no updates. It is, for all intents and purposes, an autonomous hedge fund, one of the first of its kind to truly trade unsupervised for years on end. Whereas many "automated" or "AI" funds may have a hundred scientists providing the actual intelligence behind the curtain, the creator of Tech Trader consists of just one person - a self-taught individual going by the gaming moniker pftq, who created the system at age 21 and has long moved on to other interests. Tech Trader is literally continuing to trade after the humans are no longer around. It even posts on Twitter. And in 2020, it showed how much more "human" it was than quant by returning 40% when many computer-driven funds lost double-digits. For questions, contact For interest in an actual autonomous hedge fund, contact Autodidactic Funds, a separate group which oversees The Tech Trader Fund. For a sense of how the algorithms are written (loosely artificial intelligence but not *really*), see Lossless Algorithms and Creating Sentient Artificial Intelligence, a longer-term effort for a fully autonomous AI.

CoTrader launches a blockchain fund platform that lets you copy successful traders


Social trading platforms aren't new, but they are few and far between. The idea is simple -- to alleviate pressure for new investors, they can copy the actions of successful traders. Today, CoTrader is introducing a decentralised fund management platform that includes cryptocurrency. A blockchain trading platform, CoTrader has a lofty goal: It aims to disrupt investment funds and become the world's largest outlet for all assets. CoTrader's has a patent pending on technology it built to allow investors to copy the investments of successful traders while maintaining direct control.

A Tale of Two AIs


The trouble with developing'artificially intelligent' trading systems is that a mass market for the technology has yet to develop. "Potential clients that might want to use a system like ours usually would want it on an exclusive basis," said Guillaume Vidal, the CEO of Paris-based startup Walnut Algorithms. "They would want to own us or buy us out." San Francisco-Based Tech Trader also found a similar environment when it launched in 2012, according to CEO William Mok. Both firms found it was much easier to rely on the trading revenue generated by their AIs to fund their businesses.



EXcoin is the world's first blockchain derivatives exchange to launch digital options trading. We offer a variety of innovative blockchain asset derivatives to our global customers, operated by EXcoin LTD. The EXcoin team has developed a complete trading ecosystem of securities, futures, international financial derivatives trading systems, settlement and clearing systems, risk control systems, market systems, quantitative trading systems, user CRM systems, and social systems. Its development platform carries hundreds of billions of dollars in international financial derivatives. The mobile trading app gives you the flexibility and personalization you need to help you trade anywhere, anytime.

Trading places: the rise of the DIY hedge fund


Naoki Nagai, a 36-year-old Harvard graduate who grew up in Japan, is a one-man hedge fund. For the past 16 months he has written hundreds of algorithms in much the same manner as quantitative traders in the City of London or Wall Street. But, rather than trade from a Canary Wharf skyscraper or a Manhattan boutique fund, he does so from his home in Honolulu. In August 2006, Nagai left his job as a management consultant in Tokyo to establish a translation company, which over the next few years began to thrive. The success of his organisation, and the fact it wasn't dependent on location, gave Nagai the opportunity to reconsider his lifestyle. He chose to move from Japan to Hawaii. With its appealing climate and laid-back lifestyle, Honolulu seemed a great place to raise a family. Nagai and his wife arrived in the US in January 2014.