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Complete Machine Learning Course: Master Machine Learning Algorithms


"Machine learning" and "data science" - two terms that might sound mysterious to someone who has never dealt with these processes before. However, if you have heard about machine learning before, you probably know that it is a process that aims to change the very fundaments of how our society is built... Sounds dramatic? Well, perhaps, but I do have a strong case for that - you'll find it in my machine learning course! Why Choose this Machine Learning Course? Machine learning, as a concept, is indeed a very interesting one.

Lagos Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (Lagos, Nigeria)


Are you a woman interested in Machine Learning and Data Science? We meet to socialize and to discuss machine learning and data science in an informal, vendor-neutral setting. Our purpose is to grow the talent and community of women in these fields. We plan to meet quarterly in the evenings. Topics will include presentations from practitioners about their work in machine learning and data science, talks from academics about their related research, and tutorials.

How Data Science and Machine Learning Are Related Koenig IT Learning Center


Data Science is an amalgamation of data interference, algorithm development, and technology that enables professionals to solve analytically complex problems. Data Science is essentially analyzing and churning out findings or insights from data. This scrutiny of data helps organizations in improving and making smarter decisions. Machine Learning is the science of enabling computers or systems to act without being explicitly programmed. It stresses on the development of computer programs that can access and learn from data.

How are AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Science Related?


We all hear these terms being thrown around and often used interchangeably; some of us tag along without knowing what they mean, or we might see them as buzzwords, and others claim to know -- and do -- what these terms really entail. Note that the distinctions between these terms aren't clear-cut, but this will give a sense of the general uses of the terms, how they are related to one another, and how all are threaded together by data science. Artificial Intelligence describes machines that can perform tasks resembling those of humans. So AI implies machines that artificially model human intelligence. AI systems help us manage, model, and analyze complex systems.

Teenage Girls Learning Science in Colorado's Backcountry

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It was Monday, July 23, one of the first days of Girls on Rock, a free 12-day education program designed to encourage women and people of color to get into field sciences and teach them wilderness skills. It's part of Inspiring Girls Expeditions, a program based in Alaska.