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Tune out the world with 69% off a pair of feature-packed wireless headphones


TL;DR: As of March 16, the TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Canceling Headphones are on sale for $78.99, which means you're taking 60% off their retail price of $259. Treblab is known for its tech accessories -- and we've featured many before, including the Z2s. These headphones feature everything you'd expect from Treblab headphones times two. They can hold up for twice the battery life of typical wireless headphones -- up to 35 hours of wireless listening -- and amplify twice the sound while drowning out the rest. They're even packed with Treblab's most advanced Sound2.0 technology, which is designed to sound like you're hearing your favorite band live with every listen.

Save up to 35% on these speaker and earbud bundles from Treblab


These eight headphone and speaker bundles from Treblab are all on sale for up to 35% off. The deals won't last forever, though, so upgrade your audio solutions while you can. This shockproof, dust-proof, and water-resistant speaker can handle anything you throw at it. Plus, you'll get the Treblab true wireless earbuds that last up to 35 hours on a single charge. Get the bundle for 33% off and pay just $98.99 (regularly $147) for both.

These noise-canceling headphones are $72 for this week only


The key to enjoying your music is to create an immersive experience, and one way to do this is by reducing the amount of noise that filters through your headphones. The audio quality, comfort and connectivity should also be immaculate. These Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones from TREBLAB provide that enveloping sound you've been looking for, and you can purchase them for $72 with this Memorial Day discount. Equipped with neodymium-backed 40mm speakers, the Z2 delivers the clear and robust sound you should expect from your music, while TREBLAB's T-Quiet active noise canceling technology allows you to block outside distractions for total audio immersion. This makes these headphones a worthy consideration if you work in a loud corporate environment or at home with rowdy toddlers. The TREBLAB Z2 features an ergonomic fit that secures to your ears comfortably, so you won't have to fumble with it while sitting at your desk or working out at the gym.

Get great audio deals for a limited time during this pre-Black Friday sale


There's no longer any reason why you should ever have to be without good music again because the tech is there whether you need excellent earphones, an up-to-date turntable, or a must-have Bluetooth speaker. If you want to treat yourself or someone else during the upcoming holidays, you're bound to find something perfect from this list of 20 products that are all featured in our pre-Black Friday sale. Avoid the crowd and reap the best early deals this Black Friday with ZDNet's buying guide, updated daily. Audiophiles prefer these surround sound headphones for their unheard-of fidelity, thanks to a patented acoustic structure that provides clarity by separating sound frequencies. Get the Oomo 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Bluetooth Earphones for $84.99 (reg.

5 pairs of noise-cancelling headphones on sale for less than $135


From your niece's shrill and ceaseless rendition of Deck the Halls to Uncle Jerry's eggnog-fueled, politically incorrect rantings, there are plenty of reasons to pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones this holiday season. We guess you can include gifting in that list, too. Why the name "Z2," you might ask? That's a reference to the fact that these TREBLAB wireless, over-ear headphones have double the sound and battery life of similar models, plus twice the convenience. Featuring Sound2.0 and T-Quiet active noise canceling technologies, these ergonomic headphones reportedly deliver next-level audio free of the bothersome sounds of people or things around you.