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Corsair did its best, but I still dislike opto-mechanical keyboards


It's a bit of an understatement to say that gaming keyboards have come a long way in the past decade. Customizable RGB lighting, dedicated macro keys and media controls have become standard features. And some of the larger companies have even come up with their own mechanical key designs, with Razer taking things even further two years ago with new "opto-mechanical" switches which promised faster typing by using less physical parts. But I wasn't a fan -- there was no noticeable difference in response time for me, and the keystrokes didn't sound so great. Now, Corsair is getting in on the game today with its own opto-mechanical solution and, while the new K100 might represent the very best of Corsair's technology right now, I'm still not convinced about this new type of key switch. Corsair is calling the K100 its "pinnacle" of its keyboard line, and it certainly packs in every feature that Corsair has debuted or iterated on over the years, but with small improvements that are in fact, better.

21 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts


Despite notable advancements in speech-recognition technology and voice input, and the popularity of tablets, the humble PC continues to be the workhorse device of choice for many workers around the world. And whether you're an office-bound professional slouched behind a desktop PC, or a globetrotting executives armed with the latest ultrabook, the "physical" hardware keyboard continues to play a crucial role in productivity. The last thing you want in the heat of the moment is to fumble around for a mouse or have to take multiple steps to complete a task that could be done with a quick keyboard shortcut. Of course, learning and remembering such shortcuts can be hard work, and you'll need to take some time to find the appropriate shortcuts for you. This list of valuable Windows keyboard shortcuts will help you work smarter and faster.

All the best gaming keyboards for keeping you on target


Many gaming keyboard brands offer similar features, but serious gamers know what sets the best keyboards apart. If you're looking for something that can help you reach your peak gaming potential, you should keep your eyes peeled for a few key features. Fortunately for those not in the know, we have lined up everything you need to know about gaming keyboards so that you can make an informed purchase decision. Switches: Keyboard switches -- which sit underneath each key -- pick up what you put down. Most gaming keyboards come equipped with one of a variety of different options for mechanical or membrane switches.

Windows 10: Microsoft makes more tweaks to the touch keyboard


Microsoft is testing out new touch keyboard designs for Windows 10 convertibles to improve small and split keyboard layouts. The improvements follow up on keyboard design changes Microsoft started testing with Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel last September, with updated key sizes and layouts, plus improved discoverability and usability of features. After undocking a physical keyboard, Windows 10 should switch to the small keyboard layout. Users should also be able to move the keyboard around a screen using the "gripper region" on the top of the keyboard. Microsoft has also updated the symbol's view on small and split keyboard layouts based on the default layout. The settings menu also has a nested structure to reduce clutter.

Does Microsoft now make more exciting computers than Apple?


It feels so strange to say this, but Microsoft is killing it with its Surface hardware. Along with Windows 10 S, Microsoft announced its very first clamshell notebook, the Surface Laptop -- and what a laptop it is. From its handsome machined aluminum body, to its soft Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard, to its gorgeous touchscreen, to its 14.5 hour battery life, the Surface Laptop seems to have it all. Subbing in for Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal is yours truly, Senior Tech Correspondent Raymond Wong. And joining me on this week's MashTalk podcast is Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff and Assistant Programming Editor Louise Matsakis.