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IndiaChain: Niti Aayog starts on IndiaStack-linked, large-scale Blockchain projects FactorDaily


NITI Aayog, the government of India think-tank, is working on building the country's largest blockchain network – IndiaChain – with a view to reduce frauds, speed up enforcement of contracts, increase transparency of transactions, and boost the agriculture economy of the country, according to multiple sources.

How Blockchain Could Rebuild The Healthcare Industry

International Business Times

A growing number of blockchain startups are launching products that use cryptocurrency's technological building blocks to fix outdated health care models. Today, the healthcare application program interface (API) platform PokiDok announced one such partnership with Intel. They will offer an open source blockchain ledger solution called Dokchain. It will use Intel chips to record transactions and the patient's medical history, all while immediately processing the administrative aspects of the patient's care. That means hospital staff can spend less time on bureaucracy and more time with patients.

How Women Are Building The Future And Promoting Diversity With Blockchain

International Business Times

Many tech experts believe we are living during the dawn of a new era, a blockchain revolution. "It's the wild west out there," venture capitalist Tracy Chadwell told International Business Times at the Ethereal Summit in New York on Friday, where around 458 tech professionals gathered to talk about how to shape the future. Most people still associate blockchain with bitcoin and other like minded cryptocurrencies. That market is definitely developing, but the same distributed ledger technology that fuels bitcoin can also being used for international development tools, healthcare data and consumer tech, just to name a few sectors. From Dubai to Nairobi, women are leading the way.

Are Smart Cities The Pathway To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Adoption?


At the recent Blockchain LIVE 2019 hosted annually in London, I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Next Generation Infrastructure: Building a Future for Smart Cities. What exactly is a "smart city?" The term refers to an overall blueprint for city designs of the future. Already half the world's population lives in a city, which is expected to grow to sixty-five percent in the next five years. Tackling that growth takes more than just simple urban planning.

Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption? (SSIR)


Will blockchain technology be the next disrupting technology to revolutionize government? Can it be a game changer in the global fight against corruption? New technologies are disrupting our lives and transforming government. Governments around the world are going digital, embracing digital innovations to modernize their bureaucracies and recast their relations with citizens. Technology is changing how governments are expected to meet the rising expectations of citizens in terms of quality, speed, and integrity.