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Retail IT solutions


Innovative Retail technology solutions continue to shape the retail industry in exciting ways. The idea of selling through conversations is really hitting hard with retail businesses, who are now leveraging the latest technologies to create an impact in their industry through ongoing customer engagement. Retail IT solutions cater to a vast area of operations and processes in the sector today, while their focus remains on one thing- driving exceptional customer experiences and improving customer retention. Customer-centricity has become focal to all operations in the retail industry, and organizations are striving to improve their buyers' experience of their brand to achieve growth and success in this highly competitive retail space. Retail IT solutions are being focused on leveraging data and performing analytics to chalk out customer behavior patterns so that decisions can be made according to the customer preferences.

artificial intelligence in home improvement retail store - AI retail solutions


Shall we take another case study to be precise? You want to buy a new washing machine for your Bangalore home. So, you go to your favorite home improvement retail store to check out the model. Also, you had already bought a water purifier from the same store before three years. Now on the website, you select a washing machine model along with your family and want it delivered to the home.

Twitch To Start Selling Games, First Titles For Sale Announced

International Business Times

Live streaming service Twitch is expected to launch its retail program where viewers can directly purchase games from broadcasters this week. TechCrunch reports that Twitch's Games Commerce program is slated to launch around tomorrow to the end of the week. The program, which was officially announced in late February, notably represents Twitch's first major move into the retail space, where it'll go head-to-head with market leaders like Steam. Twitch's retail partners include developers and publishers like Ubisoft, Telltale Games and Trion Worlds. Via TechCrunch, the Twitch store's game list will have around 50 games at launch and includes titles like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Telltale's The Walking Dead episodic series and indie games like Firewatch.

US Retail Sales Jumped 0.6 Percent in July

U.S. News

The Commerce Department says retail sales advanced 0.6 percent last month, the best showing since a gain of 0.9 percent last December. For most of this year, retail sales have been lackluster, including a decline in May of 0.2 percent and a modest 0.3 percent June gain.