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Google Maps launches feature to help users find parking

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Since parking can be unpredictable, Google has launched a new feature in Maps to help users park their cars. Starting today, Android users will have the option to select'find parking' after plugging in their destination - then Maps will give directions to your chosen lot or garage and follow up with walking directions from your parking spot to your destination. Initially, the new feature will roll out for Android only and be available in 25 cities in the US. Google Maps for Android now has the option to select'find parking' (left). After typing in a destination, Google Maps will not give Android users the option to select'find parking.'

Google's new Google Maps feature will make parking less of a nightmare


Few things make me want to rediscover religion like trying to find parking in New York City. The few times I've driven here, it's been only vaguely irritating until it's time to park, which is when dread seeps through the walls of my skull. Fire hydrants open holes of hope only to mock me as I roll past what I thought was an empty space. I rage at cars that could be positioned closer to each other, which would give me maybe enough space to squeeze into a spot. By the end of it all, I find myself praying to the parking gods, please, for a slab of free asphalt.

Google Maps warns you about parking woes before you leave


A parking difficulty icon popped up in an Android beta for Google Maps earlier this month, but now the feature is officially rolling out. However, there are a couple of caveats. First, the parking warnings are only available in the Android version of Google Maps for now. The new tool will also only warn you about potential parking headaches in 25 US metro areas. Those areas include San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St.

Google Maps update could end parking tickets and lost cars

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Wandering aimlessly in search of your parking spot could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the latest update to Google Maps. Absent-minded drivers can now easily pinpoint their car and find the best way to get back to it, using the app on their smartphone. And the new feature also provides a countdown timer and notifications, which could mean drivers return before landing a fine. The parking tool was previously available for testing as part of a raft of new tools in Google Maps v9.49 beta. But it is how now gone public, with an update to the Android and iOS app available from today.

Google Maps will warn you about finding a parking space

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google has launched a parking difficulty icon in Google Maps that gives users a heads-up when parking is limited, allowing them to plan their trip accordingly. The feature uses historical parking data to calculate a parking difficult score that is shown in Google Map's direction card – the options include'Limited', 'Medium' and'Easy'. Google has added a new service that lets you know the parking situation at your destination before you leave. Users simply type their destination into the parking difficulty icon, which will calculate a parking difficulty score shown in Google Map's direction card – the options include'Limited', 'Medium' and'Easy'. New services uses historical parking data to make predictions.