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Bob Levinson's wife asks Trump to make a deal with Iran to free her husband

FOX News

Christine Levinson – the wife of a former FBI agent who disappeared on an Iranian island – has waited 10 years, one month and 20 days, through three presidential administrations, for someone to help her bring Bob Levinson home. In President Trump, she believes she may have found a partner. "I know that President Trump is a deal maker," Christine told "Fox & Friends" on Thursday. "He can get the job done. All we need for him now is for him to talk to the Iranian government and figure out what needs to be done to get Bob home safely."

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Briefed on Russia Trump Tower Deal

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Discussions concerning the Trump Tower deal in Moscow continued through at least November 2016, but the project was ultimately scuttled. The interactions have remained a central focus of inquiries into Trump's interactions with the Russian government and potential collusion between the Kremlin and members of the Trump campaign.

Spurs' Popovich Labels Trump 'A Soulless Coward'

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FILE - In this Sept. 25, 2017, file photo, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich answers questions during media day at the team's practice facility in San Antonio. Trump told The Nation magazine on Oct. 16, 2017, that President Donald Trump "a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others" in response to Trump's comment Monday that former President Barack Obama and other commanders-in-in chief "didn't make calls" to families of fallen soldiers. Former Obama staffers and a spokesman for former President George W. Bush pushed back on Trump's comments. The White House press secretary said that Trump wasn't criticizing his predecessors.

Consumers Feeling Confident Despite Donald Trump's 'Bubble' Belief

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Yellen and a handful of her colleagues, for their part, have repeatedly indicated their economic deliberations are conducted independently of political pressures. It's also worth noting that Trump has seemed to contradict his own argument by saying the Fed should have raised rates already. If the economy is as bad as Trump says it is, rates theoretically should be as low as possible to boost growth. Trump thinks rates should be higher, as do many other analysts, but that desire typically is based on the assumption that the economy is strong enough to handle higher rates.

How to Beat Trump in a Debate


During the primaries Trump was able to get away with being his unvarnished self. In creating his primary plurality, he hardened for himself a national majority in opposition to him. The gains he's seen in polling during September have come from both Clinton missteps and a more disciplined operation under new Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who has tamed her candidate's feral impulses at the margins. There are even murmurs that Trump is preparing for Monday's first debate at Hofstra University, which might have less to do with his domestication than with the fact that he is about to go in front of the biggest television audience he's ever had. What keeps the Clinton campaign awake at night must be the possibility of Trump passing through this first debate with a calm and poise for which he is not known.