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Dem senators' report warns of Russian meddling across Europe

FOX News

WASHINGTON – A sweeping new report by congressional Democrats warns of deepening Russian interference throughout Europe and concludes that even as some Western democracies have responded with aggressive counter-measures, President Donald Trump has offered no strategic plan to bolster their efforts or safeguard the U.S. from again falling victim to the Kremlin's systematic meddling.

Mueller's Trump-Russia probe: What you need to know

Al Jazeera

Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn became the fourth known person connected to the Trump campaign to be charged in connection to an investigation over whether Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

The Mueller probe: What is it and how did we get here?

Al Jazeera

Washington - US Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded the Trump-Russia investigation and handed over his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday. Mueller was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between US President Donald Trump's campaign and Moscow. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion and called the probe a "witch-hunt". Russia has denied interfering in the election. Over the course of the nearly two-year investigation, Mueller has brought charges against 34 people, including several individuals who were at some point an aide or adviser to Trump, and three companies.

The Long, Twisted, and Bizarre History of the Trump-Russia Scandal

Mother Jones

The Trump-Russia scandal--with all its bizarre and troubling twists and turns--has become a controversy that is defining the Trump presidency. The FBI recently disclosed that since July it has been conducting a counterintelligence investigation into possible coordination between Trump associates and Russia, as part of its probe of Moscow's meddling in the 2016 election. Citing "US officials," CNN reported that the bureau has gathered information suggesting coordination between Trump campaign officials and suspected Russian operatives. Each day seems to bring a new revelation--and a new Trump administration denial or deflection. It's tough to keep track of all the relevant events, pertinent ties, key statements, and unraveling claims. So we've compiled what we know so far into the timeline below, which covers Trump's 30-year history with Russia. We will continue to update the timeline regularly as events unfold. If you have a tip or we've left anything out, please email us at ...

Trump and the Russia investigation: What to know

FOX News

President asks why Democrats aren't the focus, adds that there is'no collusion' The Kremlin and President Donald Trump have each denied allegations that Russia and the Trump campaign colluded in the 2016 presidential election – but the probe into Russia's meddling is forging ahead. Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, and his associate, Richard Gates, were required to turn themselves into federal authorities Monday as they were indicted on 12 counts – ranging from conspiracy against the U.S., to conspiracy to launder money. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office also revealed Monday that George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser to Trump's campaign, pleaded guilty earlier this month to making false statements to the FBI about his connections with Russian officials. Before Trump ever took office, tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee and other officials connected to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were leaked. Those emails – released in July 2016 ahead of the Democratic National Convention – purportedly showed the party favoring Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and led to the resignation of party chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.