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Nvidia shares rise as FYQ3 results top expectations, forecast higher, as demand for AI chips 'surges'


Graphics chip powerhouse Nvidia this afternoon reported fiscal Q3 revenue and profit that both topped Wall Street's expectations, and an outlook for this quarter's revenue that was higher as well, driven by record sales of chips for data centers, especially those that crunch artificial intelligence programs. However, revenue from chips used for crypto mining plunged, the company said. The report sent Nvidia shares up almost 4% in late trading. CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang in prepared remarks called the quarter's results "outstanding," noting the company had "record revenue" for its data center chips. Added Huang, "Demand for NVIDIA AI is surging, driven by hyperscale and cloud scale-out, and broadening adoption by more than 25,000 companies. Huang mentioned the company's GTC event last week, noting it "was our most successful yet, highlighting diverse applications, including supply-chain logistics, cybersecurity, natural language processing, quantum computing research, robotics, self-driving cars, climate science and digital biology.

Everything announced at Nvidia's Fall GTC 2021: Omniverse Avatar, CuQuantum, Clara Holoscan and more


A synthetic camera image and corresponding ground-truth data showing instance segmentation generated by NVIDIA DRIVE Sim powered by Omniverse Replicator. Nvidia this week is showcasing how it plans to help enterprises jump into the virtual world, enabling life-like simulations and engaging avatars. Its plans for expanding Omniverse, its platform for extending workflows into the virtual sphere, were just part of several announcements delivered on Day One of Nvidia's fall Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) 2021, where the chipmaker is laying out its plans to advance accelerated computing. "A constant theme you'll see -- how Omniverse is used to simulate digital twins of warehouses, plants and factories, of physical and biological systems, the 5G edge, robots, self-driving cars, and even avatars," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in prepared remarks. Underscoring the scale of Nvidia's ambitions for Omniverse, Huang said Nvidial will build a digital twin to simulate and predict climate change, E-2, or Earth Two. Along with Omniverse expansions, Nvidia announced a range of new Nvidia products and initiatives, spanning enterprise AI, cybersecurity and quantum computing, as well as advances in automotive and healthcare.

Nvidia expands Omniverse with a new GPU, new collaborations


Nvidia on Tuesday announced a series of ways it plans to bring the Omniverse design and collaboration platform to a vastly larger audience. Those plans include new integrations with Blender and Adobe, companies that will extend the potential reach of Omniverse by millions. Nvidia is also introducing the new RTX A2000 GPU, bringing the RTX technology that powers Omniverse to a wide range of mainstream computers. Nvidia rolled out Omniverse in open beta back in December, giving 3D designers a shared virtual world from which they can collaborate across different software applications and from different geographic locations. Earlier this year, the company introduced Omniverse Enterprise, bringing the platform to the enterprise community via a familiar licensing model.

Nvidia's new Omniverse tools will make it easier than ever to build virtual worlds


Facebook may have popularized the idea of the "metaverse," but it's far from the only business building its own virtual world. At Nvidia's spring Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) this week, the chipmaker introduced new tools that will make it easier than ever for people and businesses to create life-like simulations in the digital sphere. The Nvidia Omniverse platform gives 3D designers a shared virtual world from which they can collaborate across different software applications and from different geographic locations. Now, Omniverse is becoming more accessible. First, Nvidia announced Omniverse Cloud, which gives artists, designers and developers instant access to Omniverse, even if they don't have an Nvidia RTX-based system. "This is an answer to a huge demand we've had from a number of customers who wanted access to this platform but were limited because of the platform they're on," Richard Kerris, Nvidia's Omniverse VP, said to reporters this week.



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