Stop Pining for Joe Biden


As the latest example of the apparent contradiction between Biden the everyman and Biden the blindly ambitious pol, look no further than Jason Zengerle's highly enjoyable interview with him in the latest edition of New York. The Q&A has some of the typical Biden trademarks that people profess to find attractive: There's a story about having some dubious bit of Senate wisdom passed down to him by an old hand. It's never appropriate to question their motive, because you simply don't know what their motive is.") There's clichéd wisdom he delivers as if it's his own insight. There is his Trump-like faith in his own ability to negotiate, particularly with former colleagues on the Hill.

Present day Joe Biden signed that hot pic of young Joe Biden


Ravin Hassan and Milena Michael already had the ideal Joe Biden decoration hanging in their kitchen: a huge print of that internet-approved throwback photo. Now, that print is even better -- not only has it been signed by Joe Biden, it has also been blessed with a Joe Biden joke. According to BuzzFeed News, the two George Mason university students asked Biden to sign the poster after his talk Wednesday at an "It's On Us" event. Unsurprisingly, he was happy to oblige -- and added that the photo was taken just before he met his wife. And, as he quipped, "back when [he] had hair."

Biden supporter tells him 'you can hug and kiss me anytime'

FOX News

Former Vice President Joe Biden responds to a supporter shouting that he can hug and kiss her anytime while speaking at a campaign rally in Nevada. Former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday was seemingly embarrassed after a rallygoer joked about some of his most recent controversies. Speaking at a campaign rally in Nevada, a supporter shouted at Biden: "You can hug and kiss me anytime, Joe!" JILL BIDEN: JOE HAS CHANGED, KNOWS TO'BACK OFF AND GIVE PEOPLE SPACE' The 2020 contender smiled and looked out into the crowd, before laughing. Biden then did the sign of the cross and said, "That's very nice, thank you." The supporter's remark came shortly after he took the stage to applause.

Rosie O'Donnell says Biden is 'too old' to launch White House bid

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Rosie O'Donnell is apparently not on board with a potential White House run from former Vice President Joe Biden. The comedian – an avid longtime critic of President Trump – made her feelings clear in a tweet Tuesday that her opposition stems from the 76-year-old Democrat's age. "joe biden is too old to run for president," she wrote. Biden has not yet said whether he'll be launching a campaign. But he did drop a hint on Tuesday that he'd likely make an announcement in the coming weeks.